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If we all followed our calling, life would be good

WHEN Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden, life was sweet, smooth, with no ups nor downs, yaani maisha yalikua yanateleza tu.

For those of you who read the Bible, then you will know that before these two first creatures messed up, they wandered around the garden, eating honey and drinking milk, hawakuwa na bugdha ya aina yoyote ile….life was easy. Life was good, hadi Hawa alipomuingiza Adam chaka, that is when things started changing, and life was never the same again, for them and for us, ndio ikatoka hiyo.

All the same, the Bible further tells us that although Adam and Eve messed up, at least they lived for so many years, yaani enzi hizo kijana alikua na miaka mia nne ama tano, that is what we can call a full life. But as the years progressed, things took a different turn, and nowadays you are lucky if you clock 70, and you are extra lucky if you can reach 100, na miaka inazidi kupungua tu.

This, I believe, is brought about by our changing lifestyles, which includes the food we eat and the things we drink, maradhi yakaanza kutunyemelea kwa kasi sana.

That is why there emerged a crop of people who were there because of such turn of event, because even before they discovered hospitals, there were people who were considered doctors, people who could use their natural talents to administer medicines to the sick, walikuwepo.

With all the limited training they had, these people were always carrying themselves in a very professional manner, and that is why they commanded a lot of respect from the community, watu waliwaheshimu sana. Even in the old African days, these people were there, using herbs and roots to cure all types of ailments, and the community always regarded them very highly, najua mnajua, walikuwepo, na bado wapo.

Therefore you would expect that with the advent of technology and experience, the people we refer to as doctors and nurses would command a higher respect than in the old days, but in some areas, things are not that way….naomba mnifuate kwa makini sana.

I personally respect doctors, sana tu, because I know they sacrificed their time and money to get the experience they have, sio kazi ndogo kwa kweli, nawaheshimu sana. But correct me if I am wrong, because looking at the doctors when I was growing up and the doctors we encounter today, kuna katofauti sana, there is a slight difference.

I believe in the old days one became a doctor because of passion, and not because of circumstances, zama zile udaktari ulikua ni wito, a very deep calling, which propelled them to great heights. Just like in education, where teachers entered the profession because of passion, medicine has taken the same route, where there are people who enter the profession due to circumstances, wengine wanaangalia maslahi tu.

That is why you find doctors who are plain rude, acting as if they own the world, simply because they know the patients depend on them…yaani subirini, bado nataka kuwapa makavu. Most of us at one time or another have been forced to visit the hospital, either because you are sick or whether you are visiting a loved one, tushafika hospitali, public or private.

A hospital, I believe, should be a place where it is supposed to help ease the pain and suffering of patients, because believe me, they are not there for fun. Hivi kweli mimi naweza kukaa nikaamua tu, today I am bored, acha niende hospitali nikazugezuge kidogo, and then later maybe I can take a stroll at the morgue to see how things are going…..sijui, labda.

What I know is that by the time you see someone in hospital, yaani hakuwa na jinsi, he or she really has to be there, na sio kwa wema, believe me, unless they are there for a new baby. Kusema ukweli, most of our hospitals, especially the public hospitals, have some work to do in terms of customer care, kwa sababu people visiting these hospitals sometimes start feeling harassed from the word go.

Rude security personnel, rude parking attendants, extremely rude receptionists, very rude nurses, and very uncaring doctors, wote hawa anakutana nao mgonjwa. Na siku hizi because they believe you are not suffering enough, ukitoka unakuta watu wa parking have zoomed in, they demand for parking fees….hivi mko serious kweli?

It’s as if you decided to leave your home and go for a picnic, that is why you chose that particular place to park your car, so you have to cough some money……mimi nashangaa kwa kweli, sijui nyie.

Once you manage to get inside, usiombe ukutane na wale wadada wa reception, because these are people who believe that they are the most beautiful creatures to ever grace the face of the earth, and every man there is trying to seduce them and every woman is jealous of them, yaani wananata hatari!

Mgonjwa amefika pale, yaani anahudumiwa kama muhalifu, because apart from looking at you from the tip of their noses, they will act as if you are there to spoil their hard earned peace, mjiangalie, mnakera haswa! The good Lord has helped you and you jump all these hurdles successfully, na maumivu yako, you manage to find yourself at the queue waiting to see the doctor, hapo napo kero zake sio za kitoto.

I have witnessed this myself, kwa macho yangu, you find a long queue of patients waiting to see the doctor, wagonjwa wengine wamezidiwa hadi wamelala chini, and the doctor acts as if he is a demigod. Unakuta mgonjwa mmoja he takes more than half an hour kumuona, and then when he is done with one patient…huyoo, ametoka, looking as if he is rushing to save someone’s life, kumbe he has gone to another office kupiga story.

Ndio maana nasema hizi kazi ni wito, and nothing else! Watu wanateseka, and you are there, taking your time as if you have no care in the world, simply because you know the patients are helpless and there is nothing they can do to you…that is wrong, very wrong, ni tabia mbaya!

When someone comes to hospital, narudia tena, it is because they really don’t have an option, sasa wewe na uzuri wako tafuta sehemu nyingine, and not in a place where people’s lives depend on you. Na hapo bado hujakutana na manesi, nurses who are just there for the money and nothing else, rude as they come…..nyie nawawekea siku nyingine, because your dossier is heavy as it is!

HER Excellency, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has ...


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