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Judiciary commits for more transparency, collaboration

THE Judiciary targets to be more transparent to the public and make sure all people understand how courts of law operate and ensure justice is delivered on time, it has been stated.

Chief Justice (CJ) Professor Ibrahim Juma said after making significant improvements in one of the three pillars of state, people have every right of access to justice on time and being safeguarded in accordance with the law of the land.

Speaking as he continues with his tour in the Northern Zone, Justice Juma noted that the Judiciary is committed to effective participation of the public in justice and development of all, adding that it is through government’s leaders at regional and district levels they can reach all the citizens and residents of the country.

Prof Juma said it is pertinent that the leaders tell the public of reforms and improvements carried out from time to time so that they get a good understanding of the Judiciary and its functions.

He was speaking with leaders of different levels of Arusha regional government and leaders from district levels as well as those from the Judiciary in Arusha as well as Judicial Ethics Commission.

Prof Juma said that a research conducted in 2015 showed that there are many challenges facing the public, some of them being ignorance of their rights, how to access justice and what they are supposed to get from Judiciary executives freely.

He said there is also little knowledge about court brokers and their duties.

“May I ask regional and district leaders to support us by reaching out to the citizens and the public in general and raise awareness among them about Court’s directives. There are lots of information that we have but do not reach the public, especially those at lower levels that you serve. You are duty-bound to get them and pass over to the public,” said the CJ.

CJ, in his tour, has been reminding members of Judicial Ethics Commission at regional and district levels as well as court officials on their responsibilities, especially in dealing with actions that are in breach of ethics done by court executives, including magistrates.

CJ Juma has had the same kind of tour in Kilimanjaro region. In his remarks, Arusha Regional Commissioner (RC) Iddy Kimanta asked the CJ to solve the challenge that faces many people such as delays in judgment rendering specifically to the common people, reminding him that justice delayed is justice denied.

Some of the participants, including Arumeru District Administrative Secretary, Mwalimu James Nchembe advised that changes be effected on formation of the Judicial Ethics Commission, so that more people are included.

He proposed that members from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), National Security and Police Force be fully engaged because they have great investigative capabilities in ethics issues.

Senior Resident Magistrate Mbonamasabo Emmanuel advised for inclusion of people who have law knowledge into the Judicial Ethics Commission.

The Commission is formed in accordance with Article 112 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania. It involves the formation of ethics committees of judicial officers at the regional and district levels.

Tanzania has a total of 1,407 magistrates.

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