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State mulls over rain water harvesting

THE government is considering coming up with a national strategy for enhancing harvest of rain water in efforts to address water shortage in various parts of the country.

Deputy Minister for Water, Maryprisca Mahundi made the statement here while responding to a question posed by Zainabu Katimba (Special Seats-CCM).

Mahundi acknowledged that investing in proper harvesting of rain water can increase water availability and save roads and bridges infrastructures from being destructed by floods.

She noted that Tanzania has been experiencing heavy rains almost every year, which sometimes causes destruction of properties, crops and infrastructures such as roads and bridges, saying that if the rain water was being harvested and directed into dams and wells, the process could have saved the infrastructure and ensure availability of water to wananchi.

The deputy minister said the next plan will focus on promoting and encouraging institutions, schools and the community at large to adopt and install rainwater harvesting technologies so as to ensure supply of enough water throughout the year.

In her basic question, the lawmaker wanted to know the government’s plans on investing in harvesting rain water to fight water shortages as well as facilitate irrigation farming in the country.

Katimba also stressed on the need to invest more in rain water harvesting technologies to help the country to overcome effects of climate change.

“The government should come up with strategies that will direct organisations, schools, hospitals, villages and the public at large to build rain water harvesting systems in their areas to fight water crisis,” she added.

She said the government is also implementing projects to construct and rehabilitate dams in various districts in order to support harvest of rain water.

Rashid Shangazi (Mlalo-CCM) urged the government to come up with a strategy to construct enough dams across the country, purposely to harvest rain water and support various activities.

The deputy minister responded by saying that the government is well prepared to ensure it improves access to water by 95 per cent in urban areas and 85 per cent in rural areas.

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