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Bank commits to enhance digital banking services

EXIM Bank has reiterated its commitment to always have customers at the centre of its innovation and end-to-end service delivery.

“In this rise of technology in banking and the industrywide stress on digital transformation journeys, one might find it is rather strange to put more emphasis on the basics on ensuring your customers are satisfied and happy. This is a vital and proven fact in guaranteeing more business and satisfied customers,” said Jaffari Matundu, the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer in Dar es Salaam, on Thursday, while addressing journalists on the financial institution’s customer-centric approach to innovation, which includes the bank’s digital banking service.

He further said: “Customer centricity has always been at the heart of everything that Exim Bank does. Most focus on channels in their approaches towards customer-centrism, but to us, it is not about the last bit of the journey, it is certainly not just about the topnotch user interface (UI) or user experience (UX); but rather about the entire experience our customers have with the bank – superior products and services, better value propositions.

“Our innovation initiatives towards the digital banking space are an integral complementary part of the entire customer experience equation.” In response to the adverse times, the bank launched a campaign called “Maliza Kirahisi Kidigitali’ – this is a yearlong campaign aimed at transforming user behaviour and further accelerating the country’s ongoing shift from cash to digital payments.

“The campaign is also in line with supporting the government’s vision of promoting a cashless economy on top of ensuring our clients are served without having to go to branches,” he added.

To make transactions more efficient and convenient for customers, the bank has several mobile and online options through which customers can access its services and perform transactions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In driving financial inclusion, a USSD banking product namely, Exim Mobile Banking, takes lead in driving the campaign.

“Exim Bank Mobile banking adoption rates are now more than 70 per cent of eligible customers. This is a result of not only providing an excellent platform but more importantly how the platform links with our customers’ lifestyles by integrating all necessary and leisure service providers, making bill and payment transaction convenient from the palm of your hand. “Every interaction with a customer is a chance to better understand our customers and to serve their needs.

As we continue to extend product functions, we can see how well each feature meets consumer needs. It’s a matter of continuous learning and innovation. “We are obsessed with serving our customers the right way. Constantly engrave it deeper and deeper within our DNA, we have set ourselves a target of answering and resolving every single customer query, learn quickly from failures and ensure they don’t get repeated.

“Listening closely to customer feedback helps us prioritise improvements and innovation to enrich their user experience. Think in terms of customers and making their lives easier. We focus on ease of use, and making our platforms stable, secure, and fast.’’

“We aim to provide value-based engagement and hyper-personalised services to empower our customers, help meet their short and long-term needs, and build and retain their loyalty and trust,” said the CEO.

Zanzibar said on Thursday that more research ...


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