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AMDT focuses on improving agriculture, create markets

THE Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT) has underscored the need to identify opportunities and challenges that hinder women and youth to excel in the agricultural sector. To make it work, AMDT organised a stakeholder’s consultative workshop with the purpose of identifying challenges and available opportunities that could be exploited by women and youth.

The workshop aimed at exposing experience and ensure there are plans and strategies to enable application of best practices for benefitting women and youths.

Speaking during the workshop, the AMDT Executive Director, Charles Ogutu said that the way forward will be incorporated in their next year’s five years projects that focus on involving women and youths in agricultural value chains for improved welfare.

The consultative workshop brought together women from chambers of commerce, food processors, farmers, stakeholders and development partners. The participants all together wanted to know the actual situation in the field and plan for the future. He said the participants would like to improve the situation on the ground by creating employment opportunities for poor women, men and young people.

“With improved agriculture, it is obvious the situation is going to change, our aim is to see positive changes in the country,” he noted. He added: “Farmers and entrepreneurs have great opportunity to improve their businesses and production; we are therefore doing everything in our capacity to ensure the goals are achieved.” According to Mr Ogutu, AMDT is committed to ensure farmers use all available markets effectively by creating a good environment for them to excel in the area.

AMDT runs projects in all zones with an exception of Eastern zone in Tanga and Coast regions.

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