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Govt sets campaign to protect environment

THE government is planning a massive environment protection campaign that will go along with tree planting exercise and cleanliness competitions in various regions.

Speaking to reporters here yesterday, the Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office, (Union and Environment), Selemani Jafo told reporters that his office is looking forward to launching the campaign during the International Environmental Day, which is marked on June 5, every year.

He said the campaign is expected to be launched by VicePresident, Dr Philip Mpango. According to Mr Jafo, upon the end of the campaign, a total of 152 winners of the competition will be awarded.

“The campaign will be one of its kind, it will cover all 26 regions. Our focus is to make sure there is awareness on issues related to environment care, protection and cleanliness across the country,” he noted.

Mr Jafo said the participants in the competition will be grouped in various categories based on the nature of environment and activities in a certain area.

The areas that will be involved in the campaign are cities, councils, wards, villages, health and education centres. “We are aware of the transport challenges in the education sector like schools, therefore the prizes for winners will include vehicles, motorcycles, teaching aids as well as computers,” he said.

He added: “winners from the health facilities will get medical beds, medical equipment and appliances.” The minister said the competition will also involve participants from industries, mining, national parks, airports, bus terminals, markets, hotels of one to five stars and the media. However, he called upon the public to plant trees that are friendly to the environment, especially fruit trees.

“You plant a tree and get fruits at the same time,” he said.

Mr Jafo said public education and awareness are necessary for effective environmental management and that with knowledge on the environment it will be easier for wananchi to nurture and protect natural resources.

“This is from the fact that knowledge and awareness offer the insights we need to guide our decisions and effective actions,” said Mr Jafo.

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