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Govt dismisses Assad’s claims on incompetence

THE Permanent Secretary in the President’s Office, Public Service Management and Good Governance, Dr Laurean Ndumbaro has dismissed as baseless claims by former Controller and Auditor General (CAG) Prof Mussa Assad that over 60 per cent of civil servants are incompetent.

He said that the sentiments by former CAG were based on emotions rather than research and facts. Speaking to reporters here yesterday, Dr Ndumbaro reminded Prof Assad to go by the oath of office he swore to especially on confidentiality of information.

He said that the claims that 60 per cent of public servants are incompetent and the remaining 40 per cent are partially competent are baseless, because they are based on his personal views and not researched. Dr Ndumbaro said Prof Assad should include himself in the percentage because he was also a public servant.

Dr Ndumbaro said there are procedures to be followed when public servants want to issue their views and recommendations, thus the CAG in his capacity did not access some confidential files, hence, claiming that public servants are not free to give their views are baseless.

However, he advised him to follow the laid down rules and procedures, while making public government information.

“His arguments and accusations are not valid as they are not justifiable” he said. Moreover, he said it is against Tanzanians traditions that when you differ with someone’s opinion and arguments, you use abusive language as Prof Assad remarks on purchase of airlines.

On Saturday Prof Assad said that most public servants are not competent enough to serve as the civil servants. He was speaking during the launch of public debates organised by the Morogoro Muslim University (MUM).

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