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Water project spell relief for Kilwa, Lindi residents

ABOUT 28 towns in the country will have access to clean and safe water, thanks to an ambitious 500m US dollars (about 1.2bn/-) project, Deputy Minister for Water, Engineer Maryprisca Mahundi has revealed.

She made the revelation in the August House on Wednesday when responding to a question from Kilwa South MP, Mohamed Kassinge (CCM). In his basic question, the lawmaker sought to know when the government would address water challenges facing residents in Kilwa Kivinje and Masoko towns in Kilwa District, Lindi Region.

“The government promised earlier that it would implement a project which will involve fetching water from Mavuji River to benefit residents in the old towns of Kilwa Kivinje and Masoko, but it hasn’t done so, something which affects daily lives and development in the areas,” Mr Kassinge queried.

Responding, Eng Mahundi said that the government had secured a soft loan amounting to 500m US dollars from Exim Bank of India to finance the project, and that its implementation was set to take two years.

The deputy minister assured the MP that water woes in Kilwa Masoko and Kivinje towns will soon be resolved as the government was set to ensure residents have access to clean and safe water.

She said that the implementation of the project comes as a huge relief to residents in various towns, especially women who have been walking for miles in search of the precious liquid.

In his supplementary question, Kalenga legislator Jackson Kiswaga demanded for a government statement on when it would implement water projects to address challenges facing various villages in the constituency.

According to him, thousands of residents in the villages in his constituency were currently facing acute shortage of water services, something which affects their daily activities and income.

In response, Eng Mahundi said the government will pay a visit to the constituency and will construct water wells in the areas which have acute shortage of water.

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