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Samia reign excites Mwinyi

Samia reign excites Mwinyi

FORMER President Ali Hassan Mwinyi has praised President Samia Suluhu Hassan for a perfect start to her reign, and assured her full support from the country’s former leaders.

Speaking after paying a courtesy call on the new president at her residence in Dar es Salaam, Mzee Mwinyi was upbeat about the country’s future under President Samia.

Mwinyi, the second President of Tanzania, prayed for Tanzanians to embrace national unity, solidarity and support the new Head of State on her efforts to bring development to the country.

The former President said the sudden death of fifthphase President, Dr John Magufuli left an indelible mark but insisted the country is in safe hands under his successor, Samia.

“President Samia has begun so well, everyone is praising her for the good start. We had a very good president who unfortunately couldn’t finish his term in the office but she (Samia) will implement all the plans,” Mr Mwinyi said.

He was adamant that Samia, who served as vicepresident for over five years, is more than capable of overseeing all development projects initiated by her predecessor.

Mwinyi cited President Samia’s one day visit to Uganda last Sunday to attend the signing ceremony for the construction of the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline from Hoima Uganda to Chongoleani in Tanga-Tanzania as the clear evidence of her commitment to implement strategic projects initiated by the late Dr John Magufuli.

“As a human, she will have some plans for our country, let’s rally behind her and maintain solidarity, peace and love as prerequisites for national development,” he emphasized.

Recently, during the funeral of the late Dr Magufuli in Chato district, Geita region, Mzee Mwinyi also expressed his trust and hope on President Samia, saying she will definitely fulfill the dreams that the late President Magufuli had.

“The late Magufuli did a lot of things that astonished the world. He improved the investment and trade environment through a number of ways, including reviving the national carrier and restoring flight routes,” he said.

Adding: “Magufuli has gone, but left you for us. You were his close and immediate assistant, whatever he intended is what you intend. You know what has been done and what is going to be done. We all pray for you, so that you can smoothly lead the country.”

Same comments were also issued by the fourth phase President Jakaya Kikwete, who noted that Tanzanians are confident with the leadership of the President Samia.

President Kikwete said that the speech delivered by President Samia when she took the oath of office and during the state funeral for the departed president was an uplifting message to Tanzanians.

He said that personally, he had no doubt with her leadership because he knew her for a long time, adding: “I Knew President Samia while serving as Minister of State, Vice-President Office (Union Affairs) during my administration...she helped the government a lot in strengthening the Union and work on Union challenges.”

Kikwete further said he was confident that President Samia will have an exemplary performance because when she served as cabinet minister she did a great job in addressing challenges which were facing the Union.

He said that her leadership talent was noticed when she was elected as Vice- Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, adding: “Her leadership made most of us recognize that she was capable of holding high posts in our nation.”

President Kikwete said that based on such a background, they decided to appoint her as a presidential running mate of late President John Magufuli during the 2015 general election.

“You are very much aware of CCM and Tanzanians’ expectations from their government because you were part of the plans and operations of the government… the retired heads of state will continue to support the government,” Kikwete noted.

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