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CRDB extends insurance coverage to kids, babysitters

CRDB Bank, one of the leading lenders in the country, has extended insurance coverage and banking services to children, babysitters and teenagers in general.

The bank said ‘Edu Care’ is the hybrid package that offers both life insurance and a saving window in one box, which is mostly suitable for college students. For babysitters and other domestic workers are served under ‘Hodari Account’.

Arumeru District Commissioner Jerry Muro, who graced the occasion, said that the Edu-Care offers to pupils and students was the best way to cushion for those who travel far from homes to schools.

“Bank savings make the future bright in addition to helping driving the economy,” Muro said over the weekend during the CRDB’s Mtoto’s Day Out’.

The bank organised special Children vs Parents sporting and entertainment concert dubbed ‘Mtoto’s Day Out’, which was held in Arumeru District.

CRDB Bank’s Northern Zone Manager of Commerce David Peter said ‘Mtoto Day Out’ is also going to serve as a platform to encourage parents to open special accounts for children as well as guaranteeing they ensure their offspring.

“In modern days when life becomes hectic, it is now always that parents get no time to play with their children and this maiden event is meant to change that and cement the tradition of family cohesion,” said Mr Peter.

Hundreds of people, mostly families attended the event where children enjoyed sporting activities and other forms of entertainment that brought them together with their parents.

“The Junior Jumbo Account enables children to invest money that can later be used to settle school fees, pay for educational materials and trips as well as creating foundation for future savings,” said Mr Peter.

A parent, Neema Njau, said in the past they used to be worried, dispatching their children to school with cash money as they risked being robbed.

Already the firm has nearly 50 personnel handling insurance services across 300 bank branches mapped across the nation.

Hodari is an interest free account enabling parents to pay their household helpers salaries and bonuses through the formal banking system so that the beneficiaries can have peace of mind while taking care of toddlers at homes.

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