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CRDB organises portfolio investment seminar

CRDB Bank plans to conduct a virtual training on portfolio and direct investment this Saturday to educate masses on the opportunity arising from the area. The training came at a time when some researches largely show that the education helps to increase people’s participation in development activities and contributes to the economic growth.

CRDB’s Secretary Mr John Rugambo said in today’s fast-paced world, portfolio investment education is critical to achieving personal and social development goals.

“Portfolio and direct investment education is important to people, no matter what age or status you are, whether you are in seventh grade, university, working and even retirees. “This education helps to bring the yeast to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and ultimately be able to contribute to the well-being of the country,” Mr Rugambo said over the weekend.

The company secretary said they planned a virtual seminar in a bid to reach a wide area of audience since any one with internet terminal can follow the activities.

“The aim is to build the capacity of Tanzanians to identify investment opportunities and enable them to make sound financial decisions,” he said through a release.

Tanzania Financial Stability 2019 report warned the risk of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) to continue dominated by foreign investors.

“This calls for close monitoring and promoting participation of local investors in equity market,” the report said.

CRDB, one of the largest lenders in the land, said in order to impact the kind of education to the community and achieve the desired goal, they saw the need to have a long-term plan for behaviour change in portfolio and direct investments.

“This is the main reason why the bank to organise the seminar every year was able to get long-term results and increase public awareness in these areas of portfolio and direct investment,” Mr Rugambo said.

CRDB has invited various experts in the financial sector who will present topics on investment in the stock market, investment opportunities through banking services, business management, trade through networks and education on savings management.

“We want Tanzanians to build financial accountability so that they know how to better spend and invest their money,” Mr Rugambo said.

The lender also wants entrepreneurs and traders to grab the opportunity and build an understanding of how best to run a business and thus increase financial inclusion in the community. CRDB social media platform will air the seminar live as well as online television to enable masses to participate.

Those who want to participate directly and contributing they should follow the lender’s hashtag #NiulizeBusara.

Zanzibar said on Thursday that more research ...


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