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Take Al Ahly seriously but cautiously

SERIOUSNESS with utmost caution is needed when Simba play Al Ahly in the final match of Group A in Cairo, Egypt today as the club needs to win while keeping players safe for the elimination round. Our envoys, who last week handed AS Vita of Democratic Republic of Congo a 4-1 blitz, must win the last group stage encounter to maintain their unbeaten record and heighten their reputation as among the greatest African clubs this season.

Having already qualified for the quarter final stage, should not make Simba relax and surrender meekly to Al Ahly on slaught since doing so can ruin their reputation as group A masters. We insist on caution to be thoroughly applied as Simba need to protect their best players for the quarter final and probably for the semis.

We also suggest Simba to try their players who didn’t have not adequate playing time in the Champions League since doing that will give them an opportunity to hone their skills as the remaining stages are extremely difficult and tougher.

Simba need to know that the quarter final stage will place them against a team that finished second in the group, but that should not make them relax expecting the team to be weak and easily beatable, they should keep at the back of their minds that no one should be underrated in football at this stage.

Tanzania envoys must have now learnt well that nothing short of hard work, thorough planning and extra efforts play a vital role towards the desired goals, hence their last match against Al Ahly can be used as a lesson for the upper stages of the tournament. We wish our envoys all the best and urge them to be serious as competitors so that they can end North African monopoly when it comes to the continental level events.

Players in the teams should strive to demonstrate their skills at both individual and teamwork basis, since the ongoing continental level tournaments also serve as a good market for talented players.

We would again insist the players engaged in the tournaments to work hard for their teams and themselves as we have witnessed that football pays handsomely as an entertaining source of income. We end up by wishing our envoys all the best in their coming continental level tournaments.

SKILL showdown must be the major feature ...

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