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Dar set for tourism boom as agents plan trips

TANZANIA is in the near future expected to register yet more success in the tourism sector as international tourist agents start clearing way ready for tourists to jet in the country after finalisation of plans in their countries.

The first group of tourism agents was from Israel, with 15 of them on Wednesday winding up their visit to Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti, Manyara and Tarangire National Parks where the tourists will visit in the near future. They went to the preferred tourist destinations after landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) on March 30th.

After completing their duties at respective areas, they said at KIA that they were pleased with the unique attractions, protocols put in place to contain Covid-19 and are ready to bring in the tourists.

This follows several improvements in different areas in relation to ensuring security of the tourists, especially after the world was hard hit by the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

The situation forced many countries to put in place travel restrictions and others went into lockdown. Tanzania was not severely hit by the epidemic but in recognition of the importance of health, safety and security of tourists and in accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the government came up with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Tourism industry also put detailed protocols regarding protection from Covid-19. Improvements done under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism through the Tanzania Tourists Board (TTB), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) are now handsomely paying as some countries have hinted of their people coming to Tanzania for sightseeing.

One of the tourism agents, Ms Mire Eldar, said she was fascinated by the country, places, its people and measures taken for safety and security of tourists and hosts at different points of their long journey. She said wildlife is the greatest attraction to her, so it will also be to her clients.

She noted that basically it is not easy to tell someone about the exceptionality of Tanzania and its tourism attractions, but would try her best to deliver the message to her clients who are eagerly waiting to see for themselves after they get confirmation about safety and readiness of Tanzania receiving them.

“I can say clearly that Tanzania is ‘another world’; it is a very beautiful country with unique attractions – they are of their own kind. The country is endowed with people who are very generous and their hospitality is of highest standard. “You feel proud with joy all the time when in Tanzania. It is my first time to be in this great country,” she said.

“I feel proud to stand here (KIA) on Tanzania land that I was just hearing about from other people and reading for a long time. I am content that Tanzania is safe, secure and I am happy about how Tanzanians have conserved the environment, leaving everything in the conserved areas natural. I cannot compare Tanzania with other countries; it is unforgettable,” added Ms Eldar.

Another agent, Ms Efrat Wolf, said that before bringing in her clients as tourists, she will bring her family. Head of the company that coordinates the expedition – Another World, Mr Shlomo Charmel, said that as days unfold, tourist attractions in Tanzania get improved.

Mr Charmel is the one who has been bringing in a huge number of tourists from Israel. He was satisfied with Tanzania government’s measures instituted to ensure visitors are safe and secure.

TTB Director, Ms Devotha Mdachi, said at KIA that the visit by agents is a result of different efforts put to attract tourists in the country as foreign countries now start allowing their people to travel to different parts of the world. Acting Tourism Director in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Philip Chitunga said the improvement measures include social distancing when tourists are visiting the attractions.

Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company (KADCO) Acting Managing Director, Ms Christina Mwakatobe, said that improvements effected by the government have also been extended to KIA and have since attracted international airlines to make their flights to and from the airport.

Although this is not a typical tourism season, she noted, big airline companies in the world, such as KLM and Ethiopian Airline, have consistently been making their flights, including bringing in tourists.

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