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Firm introduces antilightning devices

SINETAMER East Africa has unveiled electricity products which cut down overhead costs related to power quality issues.

The products, mostly for energy surges suppression form lightning and transients, are designed to control power outpouring which could cause extended periods of downtime and detrimental to business and bottom-line— profitability.

Energy Control System (ECS) President, Jeff Edwards said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend that the products ensure clean and quality power that was devoid of spike surges from electricity and bring value in protecting the entire sensitive electronic and electrical infrastructure facilities from surges, lightning and transients.

The president from the US based firm named the products as transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) and panoramic energy which operate at a real-time visibility with device-level energy data.

The TVSS device limits the voltage to a value slightly above the nominal operating value of the system to allow normal operations, yet below a value which will allow damage to connected equipment.

Mr Edwards said the devices in individual companies and institutions will effectively improve profitability, reliability and operation performance of all electrical and electronic equipment by reducing downtime and failures of the systems to the tune of eliminating destructive voltage transients, thus reducing maintenance costs for business and home appliances.

Also, for panoramic energy management, one has clear real-time insight and understanding of business machines and environment, and this unify the entire locations and delivers his/her operations into your mobile device.

Panoramic power supports medical, retail chains, mining, colleges and universities, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

ECS products have been installed to almost 50 countries and have a distributor network in Mexico, China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Mozambique

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