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NMB support heightens students’ morale in studies

STUDENTS in secondary schools have a strong belief in succeeding and attending classes in a conducive environment with the required teaching materials.

In view of this, NMB Bank through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme has set aside one per cent of its profits to support various issues -- education, health and other natural disasters as soon as they occur.

The bank has supported such schools as Kibacha and Kwakoko secondary schools in Same District, Kilimanjaro Region, where students say the only bounty they can pay NMB and their parents is to study hard.

NMB donated 50 chairs and their tables to Kwakoko Secondary School and the same items were donated to Kibacha Secondary School as well as equipment for science laboratory.

Commenting, the students said they were lucky to be part of the NMB process as they had previously studied in difficult circumstances but could not do anything.

Nasra Selemani, a Form Four student at Kibacha Secondary School, said, “We were very weak when we sat down, especially us girls because we were upset. We did not feel comfortable during the study because sometimes we both sat in the same chair. But since we received this support for chairs and tables from NMB even the performance has increased and students are not skipping lessons. ”

On his part, Kibacha Secondary School Headmaster, Mr Omary Magongo, said science laboratory equipment had been very productive for them at first, but later they faced a challenge and swayed on its study, though promised to revive it with the support provided this time.

"I can say that we have benefited greatly from NMB; I cannot express my happiness…here we have between 700 and 800 students, you will see it is a large number. The desk challenge made us sweat, but now we can smile.

"The biggest problem was the chairs, the children sat in pairs and it was difficult for the girls, during menstruation they feel helpless and even some come to rest at home throughout the menstrual period," said Mr Magongo.

On the donation, NMB worker  Aloyce Kikois, said: “We received a letter about the shortage and in our CSR, we had to respond and help the needy schools.

"We receive a lot of letters and work on them, we have been distributing materials all over the country regardless of the size of the school or the name of the applicant. We give fairly and impartially, to us everyone is ours,” he said.

Kwakoko Secondary School Principal, Naiman Kavumo said they had a shortage of between 65 and 100 seats, but the 50 chairs and tables they received from NMB have given them comfort and even students have shown a sincere desire to do well.

“We have only one request for you, even the teachers are also asking for items and tables for the office, but let me assure you that the support you have given us increases our motivation to be close to you. NMB has been our comforters and that is why every day we keep track of new information on the services you provide,” said Mr Kavumo.

During the visit to the CSR project beneficiaries from the NMB project, the officers visited primary, secondary and one Police College (CCP) as well as health centres including District Hospitals in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions in the Northern Region.

Zanzibar said on Thursday that more research ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Same

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