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If the heat is too much in the kitchen, just get out

HATIMAE jembe limelala, we finally put our late president to rest in Chato on Friday.

Judging by the crowd that turned up in all the places that the body of the late JPM was taken, it does not need a rocket scientist to know that indeed this was a man of the people, kwa kweli imedhihirishia ulimwengu kwamba we had a terrific leader.

The world stood in awe and watched how a massive crowd turned up at the Uhuru Stadium to bid farewell to JPM, watu walijaa kupita maelezo. It is sad that in the process several people lost their lives, inasikitisha sana, and for the lost souls, we pray to the Almighty that He will grant them peace, tuendelee kuwaombea.

The funeral of our beloved president painted a clear picture that his death was untimely, that people of this great country were still in need of him, bado walikua wanamuhitaji sana. You see, in this world, as I said in my previous article, it is next to impossible to please everyone, ni ngumu sana kumfurahisha kila mtu, that is why we are called human beings, watu wasioridhika.

I am glad that most media outlets across the globe took time to report events taking place in Tanzania, because I believe this gave critics time to digest the impact of the man they spent sleepless nights criticizing, walipata fursa ya kujionea wenyewe.

They got a chance of witnessing with their own eyes how the man some branded ‘a dictator’ was laid to rest in all the honours bestowed to a hero, which was evidence enough that the people of this country looked up to him as a father, the voice of the voiceless, kama hawakuona basi wana matatizo.

I know that when Mama Samia announced the death of this great son of Tanzania, there are those who believed that majority of Tanzanians will celebrate his demise, but they were in for a great shock, hawakuamini macho yao. A heavy cloud of sorrow covered the whole country, and many tears flowed freely from very many faces, ushahidi upo, na tuliona.

What I know is that if I have problems in my house, it is my family who are supposed to know the kind of problems they suffer from, and not neighbours. That is why the wahenga said that ‘Kitanda usichokilalia kunguni wake huwezi kuwajua’, which simply means that people who are in a house are the ones who know the problems of that particular house, and not any other way.

Sasa hawa waliotaka kuiaminisha dunia kwamba Magufuli alikua hasomeki sijui wanajisikiaje, because that turnout, in all the places the casket passed, was not for someone who was an enemy of the people, unless there is a new meaning to the word enemy.

Kwanza I really don’t understand why some of these critics, most of them in self-exile, benefitted from the hate campaign they paraded, labda ni kwa maslahi yao wenyewe, which is the nearest answer I can get. But after all has been said and done, the leader we loved has gone to be with the Lord, and the Lord has given us another leader, najua mda sio mrefu chokochoko zitaanza, hio nawahakikishia.

People will come out in the open and declare that Mama Samia is incompetent, wengine hawatakawia kusema nchi imemshinda, simply because they are protecting their daily bread, ni mambo ya aibu sana.

I will be shocked and flabbergasted if my own child would dare go to the neighbours and tell them that our toilet is dirty and smelly, huyo atakua ni mtoto mjinga sana na mpumbavu, because as a child of that home, he or she is supposed to take the initiative of cleaning it.

The only time that I will understand my child if he runs to the neighbours for help is if there is a life and death situation, yaani hali ni mbaya sana, and not otherwise. So just as we are likely to be shocked if our own children can have the guts to tell the neighbours that you have not taken a shower for a whole week, it is the same way we are likely to be shocked if a Tanzanian can slander his own country to strangers.

Kusema kweli ni mambo ya aibu sana, hivi is it because you want them to feel pity for you and give you money to sustain you and your family? Kama kuna tatizo nyumbani, as a child or member of that particular house, you are supposed to come up with ways of solving that problem or suggest the best way to deal with it, sio kukimbia nje na kuanza kupiga kelele.

Hanging your dirty linen outside does not help you become better, it makes people look down on you, yaani watu watakudharau sana, because you have given them a window to see your weaknesses.

We loved Magufuli, I can say that with confidence, but God loved him more, so we have to accept this fact and move forward, and the best way we can honour his legacy is to give his predecessor all the support we can offer, ndio kilichobaki, sio kuanza kumrushia maneno.

Someone said that if you find the heat in the kitchen is unbearable, just get out, sio lazima uendelee kukaa, and once you are outside, just keep your mouth shut. JPM was no angel, we all know that, but it is only a hypocrite who will pretend to be blind to what he did, kabisa ujifanye huoni kweli!?

If there is a time this country needs unity, I believe this is the time, apart from coming to terms with the demise of our leader, we need to work together as a nation to push forward the good work he started, and we can achieve that through working together, sio kupigana vijembe visivyokua na maana.

I know I have a very forgetful ...


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