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SPECIAL TRIBUTES TO DR. JOHN MAGUFULI: Magufuli threw weight on water projects

THE fallen iconic Tanzanian President, John Pombe Joseph Magufuli has left a bunch of achievements and great landmarks on water projects across the country.

Being among the crucial social service, the government under Dr Magufuli threw all its weight to improve access to the service, this time targeting to hit the 85 per cent mark for rural areas and 95 per cent in urban areas in terms of water accessibility in urban areas by the year 2025.

The government in collaboration with development partners has invested heavily on water projects in its grand continued efforts to improve access to the service across the country. The most recent project on the water sector that the late Dr John Magufuli did was in January this year when he inaugurated the 617bn/- water project to benefit 1.2 million Tabora residents.

The project that involved laying of water pipes on an area covering 281 kilometers in length from Lake Victoria was a continuation of the government’s initiative to supply water from the lake to places with high demand of the precious liquid. The mega 617-billion water project in Tabora, funded by a loan from the Indian government, will benefit residents in Tabora, Nzega and Igunga districts.

As he launched the project, the late President Magufuli said project contractors managed to complete its construction within the agreed time, noting that construction work started in August 2017 and was completed in February 2020.

“Tabora had a special contribution to the liberation of this country, that is why I did not hesitate to endorse 617bn /- to implement this project. To bring water from Lake Victoria to here (Tabora) is not an easy task,” the late President Magufuli stated, insisting that that was the biggest project to be implemented in this country.

Its inauguration came barely a day after President Magufuli had launched IsakaKagongwa water project worth 23.17bn/- in Shinyanga region, which also supplies water from Lake Victoria. Known by his nickname as the bulldozer, he instructed the Water Ministry to ensure that it supplied water from the project to residents of the three districts and extend the services to other districts of Urambo, Sikonge and Kaliua by using 25bn/- saved during the implementation of the project.

In the 2020/21 budget, the government earmarked 16.5bn/- for implementing water projects in Tabora region. In his speech to dissolve the National Assembly in June last year, the late President Magufuli stated that during his reign, 1,423 water projects had been implemented, of which 1,268 were in rural areas and 155 in urban areas.

“Apart from the major project of water supply from Lake Victoria to Nzega, Tabora and Igunga, others are the Arusha Water Project as well as the project to deliver water to 28 cities which is being completed at a cost of 1.2tri/-,” he listed.

The projects were part of the promises made by the ruling party in its 2015-2020 election manifesto. K i s a r a w e - K i b a m b a project The project involved the construction of a water tank with storage capacity of six million litres a day, which serves Kisarawe District and its environs.

According to statistics, the area requires only 1.2 million litres per day for its residents. The Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) Chief Executive Officer, Cyprian Luhemeja said the Kisarawe-Pugu project completion marks the beginning of extension of water services to Pugu area and would cost 7.3bn/-.

After the fifth phase government made reforms in the city water authorities, they now allocate 47.5 per cent of revenues, which is also directed towards financing their schemes.

“The extension of this project will see water supply and improvement of the service provision to other areas, including Ukonga, Segerea, Banana and others” said Mr Luhemeja.

Expansion of Upper Ruvu water project The completion of the expansion work at the Upper and Lower Ruvu water treatment plants brought a total volume of water pumped into the city to 586 million liters, up from 390 million liters that were being pumped from the Lower Ruvu plant per day.

The project is part of DAWASA’s plan to address water woes in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam and nearby communities in the Coast Region. The Exim Bank of India funded the 178 million US dollar (over 350bn/-) project that involved expansion works at the Upper Ruvu water intake, treatment plant and laying of water pipes and construction tanks to supply the precious liquid.

Same – Mwanga – Korogwe water project This was among the grand projects implemented in the northern part of Tanzania, covering some parts of Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions. Implementation of the project was funded by the government in collaboration with Arab Bank for Development in Africa (BADEA), OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), Saudi Fund and Kuwait Fund at the cost of 300m US dollars.

The project was expected to be completed in September 2020; the ministry of water said the project is aimed at solving water woes in some 38 villages in Same and Mwanga districts (Kilimanjaro region) as well as others in Korogwe District Council in Tanga.

Upon completion, the project will produce 103.7 million litres per day while the current demand is 78.4 million litres per day covering a population of 438,931 people in the three districts, 246,793 in Same, 177,085 in Mwanga and 15,053 in Korogwe. Water improvement project in 28 cities The government has secured a 500/- million loan from the government of India through the Exim bank in India for implementing a project of improving water service in 28 cities in mainland Tanzania and one city in Zanzibar.

The project is estimated to have a capacity of serving about 4 million citizens at the beginning before later on increasing the capacity to 6 million people by 2040 in the 28 cities.

The government through the ministry of water has expressed commitment of continuing implementing and coming up with new projects across the country, the aim being addressing water woes in Tanzania.

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