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Kijazi Interchange, Mbezi Bus Terminal launching were ‘goodbye’ signs

THE Angel of death has robbed Tanzania and Africa one of the most dynamic leaders in the continent, Dr John Magufuli.

His efforts to bring development and transform the lives of ordinary Tanzanian will always be remembered and cherished by millions in and outside the country.

Dr Magufuli identified himself as a no-nonsense leader, who demonstrated transparency in his daily activities, his zero tolerance on corruption and all forms of embezzlement of public funds enabled the nation to make big steps within a short period of time.

In his regime, Dr Magufuli will be remembered for always being busy with nation building programmes, laying foundation stones and inaugurating various development projects, which became part and parcel of his life. Few weeks before he was promoted to glory, Dr Magufuli was on record for laying foundation stones and inaugurated various projects worth billions of shillings in Dar es Salaam.

In his most last public events, Dr Magufuli inaugurated the state-of-the-art Kijazi Interchange aimed at easing heavy traffic jams at the busy Ubungo junction make it history. The interchange was constructed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC).

Dr Magufuli said the construction of the interchange signals an end to nightmares experienced by motorists, who spent hours in traffic jams. The first interchange in the country was named Kijazi in appreciation of the former Chief Secretary John Kijazi, who died on February 17th, this year.

During the ceremony, Dr Magufuli dissolved the Dar es Salam City Council and promoted Ilala Municipal to a City Council status. The move was aimed at bringing multiple benefits to the country, including improved efficiency in service delivery.

According to some experts and academicians who were reached for comments shortly after the announcement said the restructuring of Dar es Salaam City Council would bring more benefits to the city residents and the nation at large.

However, the restructuring of the city council was among the major actions that the fallen President concentrated on in his last days before he succumbed to heart complications few weeks later. He said that one of the advantages of dissolving the Dar es Salaam City was high running costs, and instead should be directed in providing services in the new City Council.

“Dar City Council was causing unnecessary expenditure ... members of the Full Council were from all municipalities, and each municipality was being represented by three ward councillors. Imagine a City Council Mayor being a Ward Councillor from any of the municipalities and the same time being paid allowance if he attends a meeting at municipal and City Council ...this is double payment,” he said.

Dr Magufuli, as usual had repeatedly gave hope to Tanzanians especially the poor ones, who he always expressed commitment to change their lives. For example, at the inauguration of the 51bn/- Mbezi Bus Terminal, the fallen hero said his mission was to see poor Tanzanians enjoying the country’s resources.

In the remark, he warned authorities against overlooking and mistreating petty traders at the newly launched ultra-modern bus terminal. With the terminal christened Magufuli Bus Terminal, the Head of State, said government investments should benefit all members of the society and directed relevant authorities to ensure small traders and ordinary citizens are allowed to tap various economic opportunities offered by the imposing facility.

President Magufuli affirmed his government’s commitment to implement more development projects for the benefits of the people and the country at large.

He said a total of 18 bus stands were so far constructed across the country to facilitate service delivery within a short period of time, further elaborating that the 2020/25 ruling CCM election manifesto had earmarked a number of other projects to be implemented for the betterment of wananchi.

During the event, Dr Magufuli also ordered the immediate transfer of ownership of the 52 acres of land from the Ministry of Agriculture to Ubungo District Council, for development projects in Kibamba constituency.

As he continued with his weeklong tour in Dar es Salaam region, a day after launching Mbezi Bus terminal, Dr Magufuli inaugurated the Jitegemee House that hosts studios for Africa Media Group (AMG) that airs Channel Ten, Channel Ten Plus, Magic FM and Classic FM.

He assured the public that the government will continue to cherish press freedom by working hard in strengthening rights and responsibilities of the media in the country. He said there has been an increase in the number of media outlets that have been registered in the country, a move that cements the government’s commitment in working closely with members of the press.

So far, the number of radio stations also increased from 106 in 2015 to 193 in February 2021 and Televisions Stations to 25. On the same breath, the government also registered 23 online radio and 400 Online TVs, where in 2015 there were none of them. Moreover, government has also issued licenses to 247 daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and other publications.

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr Magufuli said the government values the contribution of media sector in the country’s development and ordered for smooth flow of information from the government to the public through media. Dr Magufuli also used his three-day tour in Dar es Salaam to lay a foundation stone for the construction of Kisutu Market estimated as over 13bn/-.

The fallen Head of State said shortly after laying a foundation stone that the completion of the modern building should give a relief to small scale traders and bring changes to their economy.

As Tanzanians and Africans witness the burial of a great man at his ancestral Chato home today, it will remain in record that the nation has lost a committed leader, and a true son of Africa. And from what other leaders have been saying, it is obvious, Tanzanians will continue with the race, but should see into it that they achieve his dreams of building a strong nation.

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