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Samia joins iron ladies in African power corridors

DEAR President, Hon Samia Suluhu Hassan, allow me to take this extraordinary opportunity to congratulate you on your recent swearing in ceremony to the position of President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

First female, the then, Vice-President of the United Republic of Tanzania and first female, now the President of the United Republic of Tanzania will enter into Tanzanian history books for generations to come.

As President, I applaud you for joining other female presidents’ club in Africa, namely, Slyvie Kiningi, Acting President of Burundi (February-October 1993), Ms Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President of Liberia (January 2006-January 2018) and Ms Joyce Hilda Banda, President of Malawi (April 2012-May 2014), Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius (June 2015-March 2018) and Sahle-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia (October 2018 – Present).

To the African continent, where the president position has traditionally being regarded as a men’s club, you have made history as Tanzanians’ first female president, a good sign that when trusted women can deliver in the same way as men. Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, you will always be remembered for becoming one of the continent's first female presidents.

In my view, Tanzanians have proved to the world that a woman can dismantle the patriarchal seat of power. You have what I can term as broken the glass ceiling, that is going to be a huge inspiration for women, not only in Tanzania, but in the region and across the world.

Without going into facet, self-explanatory of the journey you have gone through, from primary school, secondary school, colleges and thereafter as an employees at public offices, including the highest post you currently occupy in my view exhibit your constant decisiveness and strength of character.

It is on these outweighing merits and qualities and above all leadership acumen and style that led your nomination to be a Vice-Present during 2015-2020 and now the sitting President of the United Republic of Tanzania I wish you success in leading the people of the United Republic of Tanzania to their next economic development phase engraved on the foundation laid down by your predecessors you clearly outlined and acknowledged in your brief speech when addressing Tanzanians for the first time as President of this united and strong nation of Tanzania.

Your Excellence, I am joining many who are of the thought that a female president would pave the way for more women in politics. Reflecting on the Thatcher era in the UK, you are marking the new ear of women in power.

Hon Samia Suluhu Hassan, receive my sincere congratulations on your inauguration and formal appointment as President of our wonderful country of Tanzania. I am so proud of being a Tanzanian and, even more important, of being amongst working Tanzanians under your government.

I cannot begin to express how moving it was looking at the whole sworn in ceremony at the State House reflecting on what has been written about how you started, all the way to the presidency - how inspiring! I am so blessed to be an active working person and to be under your leadership as our president.

I wish you all the best in steering this nation to the promise land where we will be proud as truly Tanzanians. God bless you. God bless Tanzania. -

Hildebrand E. S.

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