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Why empowering of GSM is very crucial for Yanga

WHEN I bitterly complained on Wednesday this week over the sacking by Young Africans of their chief coach, I thought I was a lone ranger who had seen the folly of the club’s decision.

Interestingly after writing my column, I have come to realise that there are many people in the club who share my concerns and I think that is a problem.

Yes, as it is a problem when a club sacks the entire technical bench, including the chief coach and those who matter in the club, in terms of decision-making, have their hands tied in their back! People who sacked the chief coach and his entire technical bench are people who are not involved when it comes to looking for and hiring a new coach.

But curiously, they are the same people who would once again be involved in the next sacking! These are the people who only look for the team’s progress per se. They want the team to win, come rain, come sunshine. But they don’t want to have anything to do with the lengthy process and a litany of what is involved in building a team.

But as we all know, building a team is not only a process that involves a lot of things, but it also takes a very long time to produce a winning outfit. What does this mean? It means for the team and the card-carrying members and fans, in particular, it requires patience from them. Yes, they need to exercise a lot of patience, they require to tons and tons of patience.

They need to give their chief coach and his technical bench a lot of time to work on his boys, to train them in terms of techniques and tactics, to prepare them psychologically for tasks which await them.

Card carrying members and fans require a lot of patience because in the course of working on the team, there would be a lot of hiccups in the form of defeats and draws and this regardless whether or not the team has the best players from the world.

Like marriage, many players and from different background, in terms of upbringing, training and more importantly, culture (sometimes language and other things) are brought together to be trained with the express purpose of producing good results.

Lately, many Tanzanian clubs are roping in Burundians mainly because of two factors, one they are arguably the best trained coaches in the region, and secondly, they can speak fluently our language, Kiswahili. Had our local coaches possessed the kind of qualifications the Burundian coaches have, Tanzanian soccer clubs would not have brought in the Burundian soccer coaches.

Unfortunately, what the Burundians have, our local coaches don’t for a variety of reasons which includes, among other things, lack of sound academic education and foreign language, in our case, English. For let’s face it, whether we like it or not, most of our local coaches if not all will not get anywhere in terms of acquisition of modern coaching methodology if they are not fluent both in written and spoken English.

Our Burundian counterparts have reached where they are because they are fluent in both written and spoken French. More importantly, they have sound academic education. That is why it has been possible for the Burundian coach who has just been sacked by Young Africans to have had a stint with Barcelona FC youth teams and German youth teams.

In a few days from now, top flight coaches from the world would congregate at the Nkrumah Hall, at the University of Dar es Salam to give talk on various issues pertaining to the management and running of the beautiful game.

It is my wish and hope that our local coaches, journalists and those who think they need to know something about soccer, from the way it is managed to the way it is running, how to prepare soccer players, scientifically, through soccer academy, the buying and selling processes of players; then they need to pay the set requisite fees to attend this very important seminar.

In fact, this is the seminar they will learn why you cannot any longer rely on street produced players in taking part in present competitive continental soccer tournaments involving national soccer teams and clubs. Secondly, through this seminar, they will also learn that without money, and a lot of it, you cannot prepare a winning team no matter how many donkey years you set aside for yourself.

In short, you will sack all the best coaches you have hired, but as long as you don’t have the money for getting the right crop of players and coaches, you will continue to lose matches endlessly. For Young Africans, they need to hasten their arrangement with the GSM so that they can take over the day to day running of the club.

There are no two ways about it! The days of running the game through commandos and what have you are over. After all, they have the best management in the form of Dr Mshindo Msolla and Mwakalebela. These gentlemen need to be empowered through GSM. PERIOD.

‘Good bye Madiba, I will miss you ...


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