PM calls for strict flow metres control

PM calls for strict flow metres control

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has instructed the management of Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) to strengthen control and supervision of the flow meters to curb leakage of government revenues.

He said, all collections from all ports should be received at the government’s main account, and that there would be zero tolerance to those who tamper with the money being collected by TPA.

Premier Majaliwa issued the directives on Wednesday after inspecting the flow meters at Kurasini and Kigamboni Oil Jet (KOJ) of the Port of Dar es Salaam, where he also commended the TPA management for implementing a number of his directives issued on different occasions since 2016.

“By then TPA was using a technology that created a loophole for oil leakage as a result, the government could not raise sufficient revenues from the plant. That is why, the government in its first term made the bold decision of buying a new flow meter for the Kigamboni plant,” he said.

The PM added that the government has maintained its plans to purchase new flow meters for the sake of improving performance of Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mtwara ports especially in the oil sector.

“I have come to see by myself the progress that has been made so far on implementing various directives, and I'm satisfied with it,” said Mr Majaliwa.

After observing the improper measurement and handling of oil at the port, the government suggested the necessity of buying a new plot to be used for the installation of the tanks that would be receiving fuel from the port.

Despite the fact that the measurement of oil is done at the port by using a flow meter, the government saw the need for the exercise to be performed again for the sake of ensuring the client gets the exact volume that has been ordered.

“I’m happy to be told that plots have already been bought and right now TPA is in the tendering process for construction of new tanks. Completion of the process would enable the government to have enough reserve of fuel,” he stated.

Mr Majaliwa was of the view that even the buyers would be assured of timely delivery of the consignment since the stock will be there the entire time ready for dispatch.

The tanks provide an opportunity for neighbouring countries that are using the Port of Dar es Salaam in fuel importation, as they will be able to preserve their consignments and enable the government to make money out of it.

Expounding further, Mr Majaliwa called for the TPA to quicken the tendering process for the construction to kick off immediately, a move that would also ensure timely completion of the project.

Speaking on the need for strengthening supervision of flow meters, the Prime Minister instructed the TPA to form a special department for the task. 

Earlier, TPA’s Oil Terminal Engineer Yona Malago informed the Premier that to ensure the effective operation of Kigamboni oil terminal, the port had invested in renovation of the filter of the flow meter, a move that led to full time operation of the terminal.

“The port also stationed qualified staff in all units, as well as providing training to those who are supervising the flow meters,” he said.

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