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Four councils to collect over 9bn/- revenue

FOUR councils in Rukwa Region expect to collect 9.557bn/- revenue from its various sources in the 2021/22 fiscal year. The proposed budget is an increase of 412,917,134/- compared to the previous budget of over 9.154bn/-

Rukwa Regional Planning Officer (RPO) David Kilonzo said this while presenting revenue estimates which would be collected by four councils in the region in 2021/22.

He was presenting a budget report at a regional consultative committee (RCC) meeting held recently under the chairmanship of Regional Commissioner Joachim Wangabo.

Administratively, Rukwa Region has Sumbawanga Municipal Council, Nkasi, Kalambo and Sumbawanga district councils. "The councils in the region in 2021/22 expect to collect 9,567,519/- avenue from its various sources," he added.

He elaborated that under the period reviewed Sumbawanga Municipal Council (SMC) expected to collect 2,275,259,335/-, Sumbawanga District Council 2,760,500,000/, Kalambo 1,855,780,000/- and Nkasi 2,743,267,799/-.

The RPO explained further that the councils had proposed to spend 5,287,792,801/- on domestic expenditure and 3,332,008,534/- on the implementation of development projects.

"The councils have set aside 8836,500,933/- for the women’s development fund, the youths and people living with disabilities (PLWDs). About 334,600,373.40/ will be issued as free interest loans to groups of women, 334,600,373.40/ to the youth and 167,300,186.70 to people with disabilities,” noted Mr Kilonzo.

According to him 365,713,424/- will be returned to villages and wards, being 20 per cent of domestic revenue collected by councils.

RCC members urged councillors from the four councils in the region to closely monitor domestic revenue collected by village and ward executive officers who, some of them, were dishonest as they misappropriated the money they had collected.

President Samia Suluhu ...

Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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