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Women in Management Africa Awards second edition unveiled

Marking the second year of honouring inspiring senior women leaders in Africa, Women in Management (WIMA), in collaboration with UN Global Compact, and Tanzania Institute of Directors yesterday officially announced the Women in Management Awards for 2021.

The move marks two consecutive years in hosting the awards which recognizes and celebrates women who have excelled in their careers, businesses, and everyday life while inspiring others.

Speaking at the launch in Dar es Salaam, the Country Director for CV People of Tanzania, Naike Moshi said; “It’s been a long wait, but we are pleased to finally announce that the second edition of the WIMA Awards is here and set to once again celebrate the senior women leaders across Africa who have excelled in their professional careers in different ways.

The WIMA Awards were created to promote and increase visibility for Senior-Level Women in Management.

“The idea came to feature 50 Senior Women in Management to our Social Media Pages ‘Career Women Wednesday’. This idea created a lot of buzz and traction by inspiring emerging leaders showing them it’s possible for them to reach the career ladder specifically for female professionals,” added Moshi.

“Every year the corporate industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds and we are proud to be a part of its success story through this initiative. For this year, we have extended our awards and we have new categories such as SDG female champion, WIMA Stem Awards, Next Gem WIMA Awards, “He for She” Leadership Award, WIMA abilities Award, WIMA Lifetime Award and Exemplary Female Leadership during Covid-19 crisis,” stated Moshi.

Each category will have nominees to be voted for and award will be presented to the winner on the 2021 WIMA awards event that will take place on March 27th, this year said Naike.

Moreover, The Interim Executive Director for UN Global Compact Tanzania Marsha Yambi, added; “This initiative organized by WIMA has open many closed doors for women as well as corporates to find best talents and it has delivered profitable results to the country economy. “It’s not only about the award that matters, it’s all about finding the hidden success of women and bringing them out to appreciate their silent leadership and also to encourage them to mentor more men and women towards gender equality, which is a SDG goal number 5 of the UN Global compact,” said Mr Yambi.

He noted that dender equality is not only a social and moral imperative, but also makes business sense.

“Globally, companies are increasingly recognizing that they can gain greater competitive advantage and improve profits by targeting women as employees, entrepreneurs, consumers and business leaders. Increasing the share of women in corporate leadership roles is associated with higher company profits and improved environmental and social outcomes,” he said.

“We believe recognizing women who have demonstrated success in their chosen career creates a legacy that inspires others. These awards challenge traditional views of women’s roles as business leaders and help prompt companies to take action to create more gender equal workplaces,” added Marsha.

The Acting Head of Technical Training from Tanzania Institute of Directors Abdul Kela, insisted that, It is the time for organizations to empowering their women to participate and make contribution to the economy and make sure that we build a sustainable future for our country particularly in these challenging times.

“And here’s an open platform let’s all take this opportunity to encourage our female participation in the labour-force by honouring them in their careers and motivate more women to take leadership roles in the workplace,” said Kela.

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