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VP calls for strategy to uplift forest, honeybee sector

VP calls for strategy to uplift forest, honeybee sector

VICE -President Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan has called upon forest and honeybee stakeholders to devise a strategy for promoting the sector’s products, to allow it to significantly contribute to the country’s economy.

The VP said that currently, forest and honeybee contribute 3.5 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 5.9 per cent of export income.

“We should come up with the strategy  for promoting these products to expand our market  hence increase contribution of this sector to the national income,” the VP said in her speech read by the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Dr Damas Ndumbaro.

Dr Ndumbaro represented Ms Samia in an International Scientific Conference on Forrest and Honeybee Products Value Chain for sustainable Livelihoods and Industrial Economy held in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

“We have varieties of  forest and honeybee  products  but we  lack the strategy  of promoting them … there is no doubt  that we  produce  sufficient honey   which is also being sold  to the international market … we should  promote the products  to  expand our  market,” the VP stressed.

She said that in order to realise the plan they should first improve production in terms of quantity and quality, address the gaps in the value chain and identify the market needs.

Ms Samia also stressed the need for increasing the number of factories for processing forest and honeybee products using raw materials available   in the country.

“So far the country has 21 factories for processing honeybee products although the government  is working to increase  five factories in Mlele, Kibondo, Bukombe, Nzega and Sikonge  therefore  there will be 26 factories …they are not enough we are supposed to have  at least 200 factories  countrywide,” she said.

On forest processing factories, she said there are 4200 factories in the country   noting that they need to improve their efficiency.

She however, noted that the factories have helped a lot to reduce importation of forest products and increase exports.

She noted that in 2015 the country  imported  90 cubic metres of  wood  products  but in 2020  the imports  dropped  to 20 cubic metres…” this has  been possible because   the country  is now  emphasizing on using  locally manufactured products.”

For his part, Tanzania Forestry Research Institute Acting Director General Dr Revocatus  Mushumbusi said that  the three day  conference  has been organised by Forestry and Value Chains Development programme (FORVAC)  in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI) .

He said the conference provides a platform for sharing knowledge and promotes discussions on how to develop forest and honeybee products value chains for transforming the nation into a middle-income country.

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