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Corporate Social Responsibility law in offing- Minister

IN efforts to have companies fully implement their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in Zanzibar, the Minister for Labour, Economy and Investment Mr Mudrik Soraga has said that the government will soon introduce a law that backs the directive.

“We want to ensure investors practice the CSR for the benefit of residents, where such investors run the projects. Currently we have no law or policy on CSR," Mr Soraga told the House on Tuesday, during questions and answers session.

He said the plan is to compose written laws and present it to the House of Representatives before the 2021/2022 budget session in June this year, adding that the government has already decided to move forward with the plan for the benefit of people.

The Minister noted that traditionally several investors including proprietors of hotels and related services providers used to support programmes of building toilets and classrooms in communities surrounding them.

“However, under the proposed law, we want to push for more support also for the companies to create jobs and improve basic services,” he added.

That was in response to a legislator, Dr Saada Mkuya raising a concern over CSR that most investors were underperforming in regards to their social responsibility stipulations.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter, Zanzibar

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