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Create awareness on diseases, media asked

HEALTH Officers from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Zanzibar Ministry of Health, Gender, and Social Welfare, Children and Women development have urged the media to create more awareness on communicable diseases (CDs) currently causing panic in the public.

Speaking at a one-day workshop here attended by different journalists from various media houses in Unguja Island, Halima Ali Khamis from the ministry said more public awareness was necessary especially when people might complain about breathing difficulties and link them to Covid-19.

She further said journalists should promote information sharing to reduce any growing tension in the public about any communicable disease people might link with Covid-19.

Cagily, she never mentioned Covid-19 saying so far they have no statistics about the disease, except Pneumonia cases being on the increase.

Symptoms of pneumonia include coughs which may result into greenish, yellow or even bloody mucus the patients produce. Its other symptoms include fever, sweating, shortness of breath, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Elaborating, Ms Khamis noted that there are many forms of communicable diseases the media should create awareness on including health precautions to take like wearing face masks, social distancing, and frequent body exercising, and eating healthy foodstuffs.

On his part, Dr Vendelin Simon from WHO Office in Zanzibar said once journalists are well informed on health matters, chances are that majority of people in the public would be enlightened.

“If journalists are well informed it is obvious that the public will also get appropriate information including taking precautions and testing diseases,” he added.

The meeting was organised by the ministry of health in collaboration with 'Health Promotions' with support from the WHO, where further the media was reminded on their role of educating the public to stop panicking unnecessarily when a diseases erupts in a society.

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