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BMH experts retrieve toothbrush from old woman’s stomach

A team of experts at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH) has retrieved a piece of toothbrush from the intestine of a 66-year-old lady, who had swallowed it accidentally while brushing the back of her throat at her home in Nkuhungu, Dodoma City, a week ago.

The medics at the 400-bed hospital used a gastroscopy procedure to remove the toothbrush from her stomach. The procedure is a process where a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope is used to look inside the oesophagus (gullet). The endoscope has light and a camera at one end.

The woman, who was identified as Ms Specioza Mbijima, was rushed to a nearby hospital before she was referred to BMH for specialised treatment, where she was admitted.

“I was brushing my throat before I accidentally swallowed a piece of toothbrush went off,” she said yesterday after medical treatment at BMH.

According to a surgeon who led the BMH medical team, Dr Amonius Rutashobya, treatment took at least 10 minutes to retrieve the piece of toothbrush from the old woman’s intestine using a gastroscopy.

“Before the procedure, the patient underwent an x-ray to establish the piece of toothbrush was situated. The whole process took at least 10 minutes,” said the surgeon.

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