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SAUT to launch union of scholars

THE St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), Mwanza Campus, plans to launch a union of scholars, who have graduated at the university since its inception to make them contribute to, among other things, the implementation of various projects.

The mission was revealed on Monday at SAUT during a session to discuss the matter that involved SAUT Vice-Chancellor, Prof Costa Mahalu, SAUT Attorney Rev Claudius Nkwera and Alumni Chairperson Pius Lufutu, among other participants.

After the session, the chairperson explained further that: “The launch ceremony is set to take place in April this year. The alumni will benefit from the union in many ways, including recognising all graduates and encouraging their participation in development projects at the campus for betterment of SAUT and its community members.”

He stressed that: “It is for all scholars who have graduated from the institution here, be it they are in the country or overseas. We have seen better for them to unite and participate in developing projects, which will stimulate the university’s development.”

In addition, Mr Lufutu added that the administration would also help seek various opportunities, as well as work for the alumni to keep both sides connected together.

For his part, the SAUT Vice-Chancellor urged the alumni to be ready to participate fully as a team so that all active members could benefit from the union.

“I am confident to say that the launch of this alumni will benefit many, including the entire community at our university. So, it is my call that graduate scholars will be ready to enrich our university and make it a sustainable place to acquire quality education in a more conducive environment,” said Prof Mahalu.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...

Author:  ANORD PHILMON, Mwanza

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