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CGCLA, TLS partner to simplify DNA test process

CGCLA, TLS partner to simplify DNA test process

IN a bid to bring closer DNA test services to citizens, the Chief Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (CGCLA) is putting in place strategies that will easily link the agency and legal officers for smooth handling of the matter.

The agency has vowed to forge close relationship with legal experts in the country, who are mostly involved in signing and approving requests for tests to take place.

"CGCLA will continue to work closely with advocates, who are members of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS). With legal experts’ support, Tanzanians will be able to get DNA test services easily and without problems," said Chief Government Chemist, Dr Fidelice Mafumiko.

He added that the move would also enable members of the public to access DNA tests easily with the support of lawyers.

According to Dr Mafumiko, apart from testing DNA for blood relationship, his office helped in preparing court evidence on various criminal cases related to rape, murder, armed robbery and many others.

"Training from my office will create awareness on human DNA technology, processes and interpretation of the tests results where needed by the members of the public," he noted.

Dr Mafumiko was speaking during training of 600 lawyers, who were also members of TLS. Training took place in Dar es Salaam at the weekend.

He praised TLS for organising interactive training, saying that it would simplify the systems and processes of accessing justice in the country.

The chief government chemist promised that his office makes great efforts to reach all TLS members across the country to strengthen relationship between his office and members of the bar.

He pledged to ensure cooperation between his office and TLS, saying the move would help improve service delivery.

For her part, TLS Acting Executive Director Magdalena Mlolele said training was important since it had been organised at the right time.

"Some of TLS members were not aware of the process needed when seeking a DNA test. We believe this training has enlightened them and from now there will be some changes," she said.

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