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NMB donates 50m/- to school, health centres in Singida

NMB Bank at the weekend donated some equipment worth 50m/- to support education and health sectors in some districts in Morogoro, Dodoma and Singida regions.

The equipment included chairs, desks, and tables, as well as beds for various health centres and hospitals and delivery beds for pregnant women were handed over to Mpwapwa District (Dodoma), Manyoni and Itigi District (Singida) and in Morogoro Region.

NMB Bank Central Zone Manager, Nsolo Mlozi handing over 50 desks, 50 chairs and some tables worth 15 m/- to Mpwapwa District Commissioner Jabir Shekimweri for Matomondo Secondary School said the support was meant to enable students to study in a friendly learning environment.

In addition, Mr Mlozi donated iron sheets to Kisokwe Health Centre in the district and the materials were received by Mr Shekimweri, who thanked the bank for the initiative, saying it would address challenges in roofing its buildings.

He further said the support would also address the problem of students sitting down during lessons and would motivate them to study hard.

In Singida Region, the bank donated 150 desks valued at 15m/- to Sanjaranda, Mlowa and Mbugani primary schools in Itigi District, as well as 12 beds and mattresses worth 5m/- to a maternity ward at Itigi Health Center that also serves neighbouring Mbeya and Tabora regions.

In the same region, the bank donated 7 beds out of which two were for delivering women and 30 bed sheets - all worth 5m/-. He said NMB Bank would continue supporting the fifth phase government led by President John Magufuli.

Receiving items, Manyoni District Commissioner Rahabu Mwagisa commended the bank for providing the support all valued at 25m/-, saying: “I would like to sincerely commend NMB Bank for the support it has provided to these two councils, which will reduce the burden to the government.”

Commenting, Manyoni West Constituency Member of Parliament Yahaya Massare said the support was in line with the government’s election manifesto promised by President Magufuli during the last election campaign.

In Morogogo Region NMB Bank donated 110 chairs and tables to Kihonda and Lupanga Kigurunyembe secondary schools, all valued at 10m/- to address a shortage of desks.

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