Collective efforts central to ending GBV in Z’bar

Collective efforts central to ending GBV in Z’bar

ZANZIBAR Chief Secretary Zena Ahmed Said has called for collective efforts in addressing gender-based violence (GBV) to address malpractices in the isles.

She told reporters that GBV acts were still rampant in Zanzibar and that collective efforts were needed to address them. She said President Hussein Mwinyi promised to address the situation during his election campaign last year.

According to Ms Said, the President pledged to open a special court that will deal with GBV cases in the isles.

“This matter should not be left in the hands of the President alone, we need to work together to address the situation. All stakeholders must participate in bringing about social change,” she noted.

She explained that the community must be fully involved in the fight against GBV since the culprits were also members of the same community.

“We need to cooperate in this matter. Some culprits walk away freely due to lack of evidence. We must, therefore, work together to address the problem,” she noted.

She also called for religious leaders to assist in creating awareness and educate members of the public regarding the problem.

She explained that the proposed special court would help access to timely justice. “The court will be dealing with only GBV cases. This will provide enough time for legal experts to address problems on time,” she noted.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms Said expressed her gratitude to President Mwinyi and promised to work hard to meet the expectations of Zanzibaris.

“I know there are many people who can do this job, but I have been honoured to take this job,” she said. Ms Said was sworn in by President Mwinyi on February 2, 2021.


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