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First Indonesian Cuisine Restaurant opens in Dar

EFFORTS by the Indonesia Embassy to Tanzania to woo its nationals to set up business investments in the latter have started to bear fruits after the first Indonesian Cuisine Restaurant was opened in Dar es Salaam, recently.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania, Prof Ratlan Pardede over the weekend said continued strong ties between them and Tanzania created the environment and expects more investors from his country to troop in for more businesses.

Elaborating, he said he expects to see also Tanzania investors opening several Swahili Restaurant in his country.

The envoy noted the launch of the hotel-Danau Toba Restaurant, was the effort of the embassy and Tanzania investors coming together to introduce the Indonesian culture and contribute to the country’s economy.

“All foodstuffs used in the restaurant will be 100 per cent local sourced ingredients. We want to ensure the presence of this restaurant contributes to Tanzanian economy by adding value to its local produce and taxes paid,” he pointed out.

Prof Pardede further said Indonesian cuisines have the same preparations as foodstuffs found in Tanzania, adding: “The only difference is style and way of cooking. “The restaurant has been opened at the right time as now there are a lot of Indonesians in the country; and as food is a great way bringing people together, this will help citizens of our countries to get to know one another better. “There are many African restaurants in Indonesia, but with this collaboration I expect plans to be set so that we also open an authentic Tanzanian restaurant in our country.”

In a related development, the envoy also used the opportunity to publicize the second phase of the Indonesian language course in Dar es Salaam as already opened.

Kamal Group, the Dar es Salaam-based steel ...


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