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Effectiveness of Covidol to fight against pandemic

AS the world grapples with the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic, a Tanzanian professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Prof Hamisi Malebo, focused on formulating Covidol herbal medication to treat Covid-19.

The herbal medication has been identified by users and clinicians as a viable medicine that treats Covid-19. Prof Malebo has developed his Covidol herbal medicine from his long-term research and experience with medicinal herbs for various ailments.

President John Magufuli cited Prof Malebo’s Covidol had proven to be effective to many people, including some of the physicians. President Magufuli encouraged people to use locally-made medication such as Covidol, noting that it was very effective since it had been proven by the Chief Government Chemist.

“This medication has proven to be effective against viruses and bacteria by 99.9 per cent,” he said in Dodoma recently. Dr Magufuli cautioned people against misconceptions that medicines coming from abroad were the only ones which should be relied upon.

The Tanzanian generated herbal remedy, Covidol, has continued showing its potency and safety when used in fighting against Covid-19 among Tanzanians living in the country and those living aboard. It is now evident that, Covidol herbal medicine is the secret behind winning the battle against Covid-19 in Tanzania that witnessed a sharp decline in Covid-19 cases.

While other countries opted for curfews in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, Tanzania chose a different path that involved trusting God’s power and using traditional remedies.

Dr Willy Sangu, Rapid Response Team (RRT) leader for Covid-19 in Ilala Municipal Council in Dar es Salaam, testifies that 10 patients with moderate to severe symptoms who were tested positive for Covid-19 and used Covidol herbal medicine, all of them recovered within a week of drug use.

The herbal medicine has shown great therapeutic power in arresting Covid-19 development. Furthermore, a number of patients with Covid-19 symptoms resorted to self-medication with Covidol herbal medicine and witnessed amelioration of the symptoms within few days.

This group includes, among others, healthcare workers. Dr Sangu said he had some symptoms of Covid-19 and when he took Covidol herbal medicine he noticed in three days that his health was getting better.

In an interview, Dr Sangu explained that there were plans of tracking, testing and quarantining Covid-19 suspects and patents in Ilala Municipal Council. Amana, Agha Khan, Regency Hindu Mandal and Ibrahim Haji hospitals were among those which had special wards for admitting those who were suspected of contracting Covid-19.

With such expert observation, the locally-produced herbal remedy was a game changer in the fight against Covid-19 in Tanzania and that, it exhibited appreciable efficacy in rescuing lives and curing the disease after it was administered to patients, according to Dr Sangu.

“After providing Covidol to patients, we saw health improvement and within seven days they had no symptoms. After 14 days, the patients were retested and all were confirmed to be negative,” he said. He added that some of the patients were previously diagnosed and exhibited high fever with body temperatures ranging between 38.5 and 39.22 Celsius.

Patients complained to have experienced symptoms like loss of smell and couldn’t sleep while they felt very tired. Dr Sangu further said significant changes happened within a few days after they had taken a Covidol dosage.

Interviews with Prof Malebo, he was compelled to discover the remedy after he fell unwell and got treated in a hospital in Sinza without any improvement. He experienced high fever up to 39 Celsius, was weak and could not smell anything at that time.

Prof Malebo used his little remaining physical energy to sit on a computer and try to collate research findings from his medicinal plant databases and came up with a mixture of six synergistic medicinal plants that could work against viruses, respiratory disorders, fever, blood clots and allergy.

“I felt like God was speaking to me and told me to wake up and do something. After getting a useful solution, I ordered for plants, boiled them and started a dose of Covidol herbal medicine. Fever was relieved in a few hours,” he explained.

Prof Malebo was the first user of the remedy and recovered quickly. After his miraculous recovery by using Covidol herbal medicine, he distributed the same remedy to three patients quarantined at Mloganzila and one patient at Amana Hospital.

Prof Malebo was amazed that, those patients who received the remedy all of them exhibited early recovery and they were discharged after being tested negative. Prof Malebo, ventured into a rare medicinal chemistry specialisation in the area of medicinal phytochemistry (a chemist who specialises in medicines from plants) in Tanzania.

A good number of African chemists have specialised in natural products chemistry (chemistry of natural chemicals occurring in living organisms). Prof Malebo said the country’s potentiality was the natural abundance of medicinal and other useful plants which could be used to fight against coronavirus and other diseases.

More information is now coming from users and it is being revealed that so far Covidol remedy, which is administered as an oral liquid, has proved to manage more other diseases, including allergies, asthma, fibroids, rheumatism, arthritis, fibroids just to mention, but a few.

Covidol has active chemical ingredients identified as alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenes and essential oils with broad spectrum biological activities. It reduces fever, manages cough, flu and respiratory disorders associated with Covid-19.

“It is an immune booster with and anti-allergy. It is made free from alcohol, sedative and addictive drugs,” he described further. Prof Malebo explained his initial plan was to collaborate with the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), whereby he was a chief research scientist, but could not work.

He then decided to work with the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation (TIRDO). Prof Malebo said the treatment had now attracted a wider market towards establishing a factory for its production in larger quantities in collaboration with TIRDO.

He said TIRDO had the capacity for industrial herbal medicine manufacturing technology and facilities and that, they had fixed machines capable of producing not less than 10,000 bottles of 500mL per day. Covidol production has created jobs for young Tanzanians.

This is also an endeavour to support the industrial agenda being realised and spearheaded by the government. A famous Bongo Flava music artist and star, who preferred anonymity, revealed that he contracted Covid-19 and tested positive, he lost ability to smell, he had high fever and experienced life threatening breathing problems that necessitated to be assisted with a ventilator.

He then used Covidol herbal medicine and got relief in three days and when tested after seven days he was negative and was cured. He told ‘Daily News’ that Covidol had saved him from Covid-19 and possible death.

Another person who was cured after testing positive with Covid-19, who had his living and recovering hope extended after contracting the viral disease in May was 58 years old, a resident of Pugu on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

“I used two bottles of Covidol, coupled with other traditional remedies and after 10 days, my health improved. I was cured,” he testified, on condition of anonymity. After realising that there was no cure, President John Magufuli applauded herbal remedies for self-care and medication.

In the month of June, he directed additional budget allocation for the traditional medicine department at NIMR to improve healthcare services.

“For sometime now we have turned cowards by developments in science and technology to ignore herbs. We must change... this herb comes from plant extracts used in making prescribed drugs,” he was quoted as saying. Dr Magufuli who could also not forget the position of religious leaders and prayers in the battle against the deadly coronavirus pandemic urged members of the public not to forgo herbs.

It is estimated that Covidol remedy has been used by six thousand Tanzanians for treating the viral disease, according to Prof Malebo. African countries which have ordered Covidol include Burundi, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Other orders are from Mara, Mwanza, Dodoma, Kagera and Arusha regions on a daily basis.

Some people have been ordering and sending the remedy to their loved ones living in Germany, Sweden, UK and the United States.

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