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Investing in sports is worthy only when clubs spend wisely

USUALLY success in sports comes with proper investment by ensuring that all the necessary facilities which are required to make a particular sport discipline flourish are readily available at any cost.

It is not a hidden fact that clubs which are doing well in major competitions are the ones that invest also good amount of money to acquire necessities that make them big and respectable.

In other words, if you fear to spend a lot and wisely on a certain project, do not expect to get tangible results because you only have a dream to reach far but, on the ground, you lack important ingredients to take you to your destiny.

Sometimes though it happens that you have managed to invest well to the extent that whatever you demand is put within your reach but still, good results are hard to come by and this becomes more painful when you see that a certain side which has invested less than you is doing great.

In such scenarios, the journey becomes bumpy as you hardly know what has gone wrong upon realising that everything you looked for is in front of your eyes, but the negative outcome are not migrating away from you.

If proper attention to find out the root cause of such problems lacks, the end product becomes detrimental to the whole club since it can lead to creation of divisions among the concerned members.

However, it is good to see that football clubs in the country are now becoming aware that modern football does entertain heavy investment both on and off the pitch by getting skilled individuals to execute well responsibilities.

On the pitch, it is all about purchasing competitive players who have the quality to drive the team from point A to Z and make sure that they get all their necessities for them to work wholeheartedly. Players are human beings and not machines as such they too have normal lives outside their profession to take care of.

When they are playing, they are doing their job just like you are going to your office every working day or doing whatever activity provided you get something from it. As human beings, they too have bad days at the office that is why sometimes, they perform below par and you begin to wonder what has gone wrong to them.

Yes, you hardly perform your duties well if something somewhere is not right as you tend to think a lot about such thing, and this also happens sometimes to players on the pitch that is why their total output differs from game after game.

A player whose internal and external environment is perfect, he is capable to showcase more than what you expected from him due to the fact that his mind is relaxed and focused on the match only hence, he can give a performance you never saw before.

After completing the affairs of players by creating an enabling environment for them to work, then ensure that there are required training facilities to keep your players in vibrant mood and ready to face any opponent.

All these are what complement the issue of investment such that, if you ignore to spend a lot, then, you should hardly complain when poor results are not escaping your way.

The other area which requires critical investment to be assured of positive results is the technical bench where a lot of attention ought to be taken by hiring those people who have the capacity to fully do a certain task for the sake of driving further the team.

Most clubs just concentrate on having a head coach and his right hand man (Assistant Coach) without carefully looking at other slots within the technical area which are very important to be filled by expatriates. For instance, it is advisable to hire team doctors who are really skillful and have thorough understanding of what it takes to work with players.

Football in particular is a game of contact meaning that anything can happen during the 90 minutes of play; hence, smart doctors are demanded.

Also, having a nutrition expert at the technical territory is highly recommended as he or she will be compelled to advise the players what sort of food they need to consume and which to ignore for the betterment of their careers.

What competitive athletes eat is not similar to the one taken by non-athletes as such; a club which has got an expert in nutrition issues will surely give a clear guidance of what their players should eat.

Also, having knowledge of nutrition helps to speed up recovery process for the injured players, since food sometimes heals. All in all, to create a competitive club is not only about having good players but also, getting quality people who overlook day to day lifestyles of the players.

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