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WMT 300m/- water project serves villagers

THE government has commended Water Mission Tanzania (WMT) efforts that have enabled Ikombo villagers in Dodoma to have reliable clean and safe water.

In the 300m/- project implemented in collaboration with the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (Ruwasa) and the Ikombo community, the residents now enjoy the water service after a long period of suffering.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water Nadhifa Kemikimba on behalf of the Minister, Jumaa Aweso praised the project for the water provision to the residents.

Ms Kemikimba added that the project demonstrated good progress towards implementing the government’s 2025 National Strategic Plan that ensures that at least 95 per cent of Tanzanians have access to clean and safe water.

“The goal is to have a water point after every 400 metres and allow a person to get access to water within half an hour,” she said.

However, she commended the WMT for implementing project, adding that the government will make sure it’s sustained for the benefit of other coming generations.

“We thank WMT for the support and funding the project, and the government pledges to make it become sustainable so that other coming generations also benefit from it,” said the Deputy Minister.

On his part, WMT Country Director Benjamin Filskov hailed the cooperation they got from other stakeholders saying: “Our goal is to collaborate, reach a consensus and become resourceful as stakeholders so that the residents get clean and safe water. “This achievement demonstrates cooperation between Ruwasa, the community and the Ministry of Water and our goal is to support the government so that communities get reliable water.”

The project is a solar-powered and serves 684 households of 4,172 people, including schools, a clinic, a market and religious institutions.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...

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