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Vehicle importers told to use local firms

GOVERNMENT has advised all individuals and institutions intending to import vehicles to use registered companies and firms in the country for standard compliance.

Minister for Industry and Trade Mr Geoffrey Mwambe issued the advice yesterday in Dodoma when he addressed reporters during which, he spoke on a number of issues including the new vehicle inspection arrangement and edible oil.

According to Mr Mwambe, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has already ordered 12 sets of vehicle inspection equipment, some of which will be mobile.

He said all sets of equipment are expected in the country next month with installation process expected to be completed in May.

Mr Mwambe said the mobile vehicle testing equipment are expected to be put into use on March 1 while others will be undergoing installation. One set of equipment, according to the minister, can test a car in 15 minutes.

The equipment will be installed at Copper yard, Kitopeni, UDA yard and Roll on- Roll Off in Dar es Salaam region.

According to the minister, making car imports through registered companies will increase standard compliance given the fact that the government wants to be strict in ensuring vehicles imported are of good quality.

He said apart from enforcing adherence to standards, the government wants to ensure individuals or institutions intending to import cars get the value for money for their cars.

He said inspecting imported vehicles in the country is aimed at avoiding Tanzania to become the dumping site of vehicles that are not road worthy.

Mr Mwambe directed TBS to involve interns from VETA colleges and Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), when conducting training on how to use the equipment as part of the preparation to prepare future operators of the machines.

According to the minister, Tanzania has been importing between 30,000 to 40,000 vehicles per annum with importers coughing up 150 US dollars, which was paid to vehicle inspection firms either in Japan or Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The government was receiving only 30 per cent of the 150 US Dollars inspection fee.

Now, taking 40,000 vehicles as the working figure, the government, through TBS, was receiving only 1,800,000 US dollars (about 4.1bn/-) per annum.

Given the fact that the government will now be charging 140 US dollars in vehicle inspection fee with effect from March 1, the government will now be taking 5,600,000 US dollars (about 12.8bn/) into its coffers.

Mr Mwambe insisted that the decision to start inspecting imported vehicles in the country is something that was planned some years back as in 2017 the government had allocated funds for TBS to procure vehicle inspection equipment.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...

Author: RODGERS LUHWAGO in Dodoma

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