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Leaders rejected over swindling public funds

SONGAMBELE villagers in Salawe Ward, Shinyanga Municipal Council, have rejected village leaders, accusing them of misusing public funds.

They said the leaders were accused of swindling the money contributed by them for the construction of a classroom.

According to the villagers, the accused leaders are village chairman Henga Kulwa and village executive officer Yunga Nhingilo.

At a public meeting convened by Ward Councillor Joseph Buyugu at the weekend, the residents revealed that the village, which was composed of 10 neighbourhoods had over 3,000 households, but the leaders recorded and presented only 800 of them.

“The leaders are liars. They have hidden the truth, intending to spend our contributions for personal interests. Our secondary school lacks five classrooms of which we can manage to construct in a short time if all households are contribute. We don’t want these leaders because they take us backward development-wise,” lamented one of the villagers, Mr Mhoja Julius.

He further said the leaders did the same thing last year during the collection of contributions for school desks, saying that the villagers had vowed not to contribute anymore if the leaders continued receiving the money.

Another villager, Ms Suzan Liwalo, stressed that: “these same leaders collected a lot of money last year, but submitted very little. They do not deserve to be leaders. We want to select some new ones.”

The ward councillor said at least 63m/- was needed for the construction of five classrooms.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...

Author: KARENY MASASY in Shinyanga

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