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Mwanza strategises to minimise plight of street children

MWANZA City Mayor Constantine Sima has appealed for the use of contraceptives as recommended by health experts to reduce the number of street children.

Fighting against early and unexpected pregnancies was one of his office’s strategies to remove children from the streets, he told reporters at the weekend.

“Through ward and municipal health departments, we are organising a public awareness campaign on reproductive health. The campaign includes proper use of contraceptives to minimise unexpected pregnancies which cause street children,” he said.

He added that an increase in street children was detrimental to society’s image because people due to lack of proper parental care.

“It is not true that all street children have no parents. Through development committees and social welfare reports, we came to know that poor parenting care is the main cause of this problem,” he said.

According to him, reports also show that lack of socialisation time is another cause of an increase in the number of street children because many parents spend much time on income generating activities, while abandoning their parenting care.

“Public awareness will influence the fight against early and unexpected pregnancies and strengthen parental care,” said the mayor.

He urged members of the public to report sexual abuse perpetrators, especially those who preyed on schoolchildren, as part of fighting early pregnancies and promoting equality among children.

According a survey conducted by ‘Daily News’, most of street children have been running away from their families due to gender-based violence acts and poor parental care.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mwanza

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