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Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission develops nuclear technology policy

THERE is a strong interest by Tanzania towards nuclear technology as seen by the country’s efforts to raise the level of technical education.

This was an observation by Dr Masamba Kah, coordinator of a nuclear education project in Africa under the Russian University of People Friendship.

Dr Kah indicates that in terms of nuclear science education in Tanzania, the country is willing to learn more through its school structures.

Tanzania is exploring ways of enhancing its nuclear education and the country hopes to be awarded about three nuclear science scholarships on a yearly basis for students to study in Russian universities.

Currently, Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission is developing a strategy for nuclear engineering education in the country.

Last year around November, a series of lectures took place with the assistance of the Tanzanian embassy in Moscow, Russia, where over 16 high schools participated as well as eight universities coordinated by Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission, says Dr Kah who conducted online tutorials on nuclear technology. 

According to Dr Kah, the lectures were a successful venture where officials from the Tanzania embassy in Moscow, as well as from the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission have decided to strategise and introduce nuclear engineering education into several schools on a permanent basis.

This is in order to increase the level of nuclear education in Tanzania technical schools because the country has a strong plan towards industrialization, and they are copying the model of Russian corporation where certain universities will be dedicated to deal with certain aspects of economic development, Dr Kah explains.

He observes that the energy sector has now become a priority for industrialization, and the government [of Tanzania] is now looking at certain education policies to implement nuclear education at a large scale at the country level. 

“Definitely overall the impression from the events that we carried out for nuclear education has shown that the country has strong interest towards technology and raising the level of technical education for the country. For us, we are looking forward to engaging with universities that we work with as well as Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission. For this year, what we know is that there are some uranium mines in Tanzania and that plan to introduce at least a nuclear engineering research facility in order to assess the feasibility of a power plant in Tanzania,” says Dr Kah.

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