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Understanding secrets of happy living

THERE is no good reason why any person should feel discouraged and sad since we have a right to be happy. While it is true that some people have met many difficult situations from which they may be no escape, there is no reason for discouragement.

Life can always be made more beautiful if we only have the desire to make it so. Happiness is largely an attitude of the mind that is developed very early in life. Children can learn to be happy or otherwise during their earliest years. If a child is surrounded by people who are optimistic, they cannot help being so themselves.

The pattern of behaviour is built into the child’s personality from their earliest days and some children may have certain advantages to this respect. Parents attitude play a vital role in building a child’s personality.

For instance, some children want everything they can get their hands on and are never satisfied while others are content with far less, yet they are the happier ones. The attitude in the home during those early formative years makes a huge difference to the child’s personality throughout the rest of their life.

So if one is to have a happy attitude through life, their training should begin right from the very first. There is no logic in spending our lives fighting other people’s battles since such efforts are absolutely pointless. Our past experiences have no place in any of our current thinking and regardless of the unfairness of the past, there are some things we must learn to forgive and forget.

Normally, worrying over things that have happened in former years will never lead to a happy living today. An optimistic attitude is the greatest asset one can ever have in life. It pays rich dividends in peace and contentment and often in material things as well.

Optimism changes gloom to happiness, sorrow to joy, despair to hope. Even the pessimistic person can develop a new attitude and change for the better. Through the years we can either decide to cultivate a happy outlook on life or we develop a character that is not so pleasant.

The choice is ours and ours alone. Remember, unhappy attitudes spring from poor habits of thinking. But even so, these can be changed, provided one has the desire and the will to do so. We need to cultivate a happy character so that our life can take an entirely new meaning.

For instance, you must take a good look yourselves and your attitude all through the years that have passed. If you have been unhappy, find the reason why you felt that way, and why things have not been as you would have desired.

All those unhappy experiences of the past have no doubt left scars, and there may be little you can do currently to change things. But a review in the past will definitely help you find a new approach to life in the near future. At least you will be less inclined to make the same mistakes again.

When you come to understand yourself and your shortcomings, it is easier to make allowances for others. Too often we have judged other people by our own miserable outlook on life. Once you understand yourself, you will see things through the eyes of others rather than merely your own.

Such an outlook will enable you to forget the injuries of the past. It will help you develop a happier attitude towards those whom you formerly misunderstood. And in so doing you begin to find those secrets of happy living you so desire.

Life that once may have seemed so dull and meaningless now begins to glow with hope and confidence once again. We have faith in the future as we develop confidence in those around us. We feel younger and more capable of enjoying life to the full.

A spirit of optimism will do much to smooth out the rough places along the way. It will carry us through all kinds of difficulties and make us more tolerant of others, particularly those who have caused us trouble in the past.

Once we develop a new attitude of confidence in our fellow men, we begin to find new pleasure in living. Life holds new meaning for those who have learned to look forward with confidence to the future. Healthy lifestyle habits can positively affect your health and wellness for years to come.

For instance, reducing stress levels, stressmanagement techniques, and focusing on your emotional wellness. There are also natural remedies that are available and at no cost which include; sunlight, fresh air, pure water, a well balanced diet and trust in divine power.

A well balanced diet is the most important in maintaining good health. If we neglect our diet, we do so at our risk. There is no substitute for a well balanced system of living. The best vitamins in the world cannot take the place of a sensible diet. It is important for us to choose our foods wisely and well.

To be happy we must all develop an optimistic attitude towards life. We must learn to forgive and forget all the unhappy incidents in the past. We must live for the future, using every means within our power to keep well and strong to the very end of our days.

Above all, we must place our trust in divine power, realising that every life has a purpose, a goal towards which we are all unconsciously striving. Life is rich and full of meaning for those who have found a way to live. Note that in following these ideas, we can enjoy life to the full, knowing that we have found the secrets of happy living.

● The Author, Racheal Masibo, is an Assistant Lecturer at St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT)-School of Nursing, P.O BOX 47 Dodoma Tanzania. Email: rackelmasibo@yahoo.com Mobile: 0717513598

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