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Hospital runs ENT diagnosis, 40 pc show hearing loss

ABOUT 40 per cent of patients visiting Bugando Medical Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department on monthly basis show hearing loss, it has been revealed.

ENT Head of the Department, Dr Gustave Buname told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the hospital receives about 2,500 patients on monthly basis and show hearing loss patients dominating the number.

“The problem is caused by infections, ear wax and noise, among other factors. Worse still, hearing loss is non-reversible problem, but preventable once a person visits health experts early,” said Dr Buname.

A number of adults suffering from balance and dizziness complications have also been in increase as well as those complaining from adenoids and tonsils problems (some additional meat-like in the nose and throat) to children, according to him.

For quick and early treatments to children, he added, the hospital has recently acquired a 50m/- special screening machine that fast enough diagnoses the ailment, especially in infants soon after birth.

The medic further said in the past, children under four years were not allowed to undergo any type of ENTs screening due to lack of special equipment, but now Bugando has made it possible through its internal domestic revenues.

He further said the new machine will be in operation in March this year, adding: “Currently its operators are in a trainings at this moment and usually the screening exercise requires collaboration from the patient to respond on what he/she hears/ experiences in every diagnosis stage for all three parts of the ear, (upper, middle and in)…but for infants it’s a bit complicated and we rely on the machine scan and response.”

To make the service become public, the hospital launched a special ENT building last week and conducted a one week free screening service, where at least 529 patients showed up.

According to Dr Buname over 90 per cent of the screened patients were found to have hearing loss, saying: “Some underwent the on-the-spot treatments because their problems got visible even without screening. The same (on the spot treatments) applied to some children who were diagnosed with adenoids and tonsils at an advanced level. “The challenge is that many people seemed to be suffering from financial constraints, and hence, unable to pay for screening and treatments services and that is why we had this free public screening.”

He said some of the people were diagnosed with some allergy and called upon the public to have regular medical checkups, and quick treatments once found infected.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...

Author: ABELA MSIKULA in Mwanza

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