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Six village leaders indicted on abuse of power 

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Manyara Region has taken to court six leaders of Kilombero Village in Simajoro District and has charged them with two counts of abuse of position relating to selling of 810 acres without the approval of the Village General Assembly.

A statement issued by Manyara Regional PCCB Chief Holle Makungu recently named the leaders as Emmanuel Komba (village executive), Village Chairman Jamhuri Munna and four members of the Village Land Committee - Habibu Dimbui, Robert Matua, Hatibu Rajab and Salah Maula.

Munna, Matua, Rajab and Maula denied the charges when they were brought before presiding Resident Magistrate in Charge Charles Uiso at Simanjiro District Court and ordered the accused persons to go to remand after failing to meet bail conditions.

Komba and Dimbui could not be arraigned as they are still at large. The PCCB regional chief said in the statement that they were hunting for those who were still at large and would be joined in trial soon after were arrested.

The prosecution, led by PCCB prosecutors Adam Kilongozi and Martin Makani, informed the court that investigations into the matter were going on.

According to the statement, Komba is charged with authorising the sale of 410 acres without the approval of the Assembly.

It is alleged that such authorisation made Village Chairman Jamhuri Munna obtain undue advantage of 114,550,000/-.

The prosecution charged Dimbui, Matua and Salah Maula - all being village land committee members for intentionally approving the sale of 400 acres without the approval from the Village General Assembly.

Such act, according to the statement, enabled Halima Munna to obtain village land, a move which is considered as abuse of position, which is contrary to Section 31 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act No 11 of 2007.

Mr Makungu said in the statement that investigations in Manyara Region showed that there was a growing habit by some village authorities in Simanjiro and Kiteto districts to authorise the sale of land without the consent of the Village Assembly.

He was referring to chairpersons, executives and members of land committees. "This is abuse of power.  We will continue investigating such corrupt acts and take legal action as was the case with the leaders of Kirombero Village," the PCCB regional boss warned.

According to him, it was the PCCB’s views that in the sale of land, the chairpersons, executives and members of the land committees should adhere to the Village Land Act, where the village through the General Assembly is authorised to sell no more than 50 acres and not otherwise.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...


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