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JPM pushes for food security

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has appealed to Tanzanians to continue working hard, particularly by vigorously engaging in agricultural activities, to further propel the economic growth of the country.

He asked Tanzanians to seize the opportunity of the country being saved from the Covid-19 pandemic, to grow various food crops and enable it to supply its food surplus to assist countries which cannot produce due to lockdowns.

According to a statement issued by the Directorate of Presidential Communication, the President made the call yesterday when he earlier Dr Magufuli, accompanied by the First Lady Janeth, applauded worshippers for making possible the completion of the church’s extension, which has created ample space for many people to worship at once.

He made a similar call while speaking to residents of Muleba and Kemondo on his way to Bukoba, where he is expected to start a two-day working visit in Kagera Region today.

“Currently, different partsoined other parishioners for a Sunday Mass at Virgin Mary Catholic Parish Church in Chato, Geita Region. of our country are experiencing rains…I strongly urge you my fellow Tanzanians to grow crops, especially food crops, in large quantities and quality, so that later, we can assist countries that are unable to cultivate due to corona virus outbreak. “We should make use of the ongoing rains to develop our economy. Tanzania has attained a middle income economy status, it is vital to ensure that the country keeps climbing to higher ranks of the economy,” President Magufuli said.

He attributed the heavy rains as a sign of blessings to the country and its people, noting that in some areas of the world, it was not raining as it is in Tanzania.

“For us, this rain implies that God has blessed our country abundantly…and God has also saved us from the Coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

Dr Magufuli urged Tanzanians to focus on growing large produce of crops such as bananas, maize, potatoes and millet.

According to him, the move will help the country to make more money as well as save the people whose countries are undergoing lockdowns due to Covid-19.

The Head of State asserted that in some other parts of the world, including Europe, people were dying of Corona virus.

President Magufuli recounted of a news broadcast he had watched, in which about 1,500 people had been pronounced dead within 24 hours due to the pandemic, citing that the reason why Tanzanians are not dying was because God is protecting the country due to prayers.

He urged Tanzanians to continue praying and extending gratitude to God for the blessings he has shown to the the country.

Recently, Tanzania had been declared a country which managed to sustain food security, especially when the Covid-19 scare was high globally.

When many countries were facing food shortages as a result of implementing lockdowns to contain the pandemic, Tanzania had plenty of food in its reserve, enough to feed its population in comparison to other countries in East and Southern Africa.

This was said by Eastern and Southern Africa Small-Scale Farmers Forum (ESAFF) Coordinator for East and Southern Africa, Joseph Mzinga, in an interview with the ‘Daily News’.

“During that time mainly from early last year, Tanzania still sold food crops to countries facing shortages like Malawi and South Sudan,” he said.

He attributed addressing the situation to the bravery President John Magufuli showed, saying: “President Magufuli was firm and asked people to take precautionary health measures, but keep working. “President Magufuli repeatedly told Tanzanians not to consider lockdown, because its repercussions are worse and would aggravate the situation,” said Mr Mzinga.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that ...


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