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NMB bank iron sheets’ donation, high degree of patriotism

OVER the weekend in Urambo District-Tabora Region, NMB bank donated 400 galvanised iron sheets towards quick roofing of Secondary Schools to urgently accommodate Form One students, who missed vacancies in the schools they were to join.

This was a voluntary and unconditional support they felt necessary after listening to the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa’s directive to Regional Commissioners, Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Permanent Secretary Office of the President-PMO-RALG that all regions should construct enough classrooms to accommodate the students not yet absorbed by February 28, 2021.

To ensure the Premier’s order was implemented quickly and fellow Tanzanians, who are our children get chances to advance their studies, the bank we are told donated the iron sheets worth 15m/-, one might right away call great patriotism.

It is the highest sense of solidarity and love for the country that once groomed will automatically make challenges in the community to be addressed.

It is patriotism that will make us support our leaders in the implementation of projects in the community for our won benefits.

While it can be reasoned that companies or investors have a clause that requires them by law to plough back part of their income to the community or in simple terms-the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), some financial institutions have not fully exploited their vaults to support community projects at will.

We should have a culture as Tanzanians of assisting the government in projects to enable our children have desks in schools, drugs in hospitals and the homeless provided with shelter in an event of a calamity.

For instance on 9th this month, when heavy rains accompanied by strong winds tore off rooms of 54 households in Kipera village in Mvomero District, Morogoro Region rendering 318 homeless, NMB bank through its Eastern Region Manager, Dismas Prosper urgently presented them with foodstuffs of rice, cooking oil, sugar, maize flour and iron sheets valued at 5m/-, a display of togetherness not only in times of merry, but also in a disaster.

It is patriotism that also makes the bank to have set the budget of one per cent (1%) of the after tax profit to plough back to the community on an annual basis without being reminded, this is because such commitment supports education, health and financial capability practices, every Tanzanian longs to get.

THOUGH the mission is not accomplished, Simba’s 1-0 ...

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