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Rukwa gets high yield cashew nut seeds from Tari

NALIENDELE-Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (Tari) has handed over high breed cashew nut seeds, polyclonal seeds, to Rukwa Region.

The polyclonal seeds, weighing 400kg with the capacity to produce 56,000 seedlings, will be planted on demonstration farms covering 2,000 hectares.

When they mature the seeds are capable of producing up to 1,400,000kg per season.

Naliendele-Tari in Mtwara Region has also advised Rukwa Region endowed with suitable land for cashew nut farming, to mobilise and encourage farmers to engage in a block farming model.

This was said by Acting Agricultural Plan Manager for Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT) Juma Yusuph Mpili before handing over 400kg of high yield cashew nut seeds to Rukwa Region Commissioner, Joachim Wangabo recently in the municipal council.

The polyclonal seeds were then given to district commissioners of Nkasi, Kalambo and Sumbawanga.

Mr Mpili further noted that the cashew nut seeds would be planted on demonstration farms to enable farmers to learn about modern cashew nut farming.

“A cashew nut tree from polyclonal seeds starts to yield after two years, but with very few produce...at the age of eight years it will start producing between 15 and 25kg, which translates into 56,000 cashew nut trees with the capacity to produce 1,400,000 per season.

He noted that if Rukwa Region was ready CBT and Tari would jointly send agricultural extension officers and farmers to Singida Region for a study tour as cashew nut farmers in the region were practising the block farming model.

“A block farming model is a structure used to manage supply chains in an inclusive and sustainable manner that leads to high production,” added Mr Mpili.

Mr Wangabo said in five years the region would be focusing on cash crop farming, including cashew nut production.

He stressed that the region would take a leaf from cashew nut farmers in Singida who had adopted the block farming model.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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