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NECTA trashes fake results on Mtwara schools

THE National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) has disowned reports trended on social media showing that nine schools in the list of ten worst performing schools in the 2020 Form IV examination results are in his region.

In its statement issued to the media on Saturday, the council informed the public to consider the reports as fake and were meant to mislead the public and embarrass the Mtwara Region.

The NECTA released the Form IV, Form II and

Standard Four examinations results on Friday, this week. “Genuine reports are those issued by the NECTA, undersigned by the council’s executive secretary,” reads part of the statement.

The council’s clarification Saturday came just hours after the Mtwara Regional Commissioner Gelasius Byakanwa came out to dismiss the reports.

Addressing a news conference on Saturday morning, Byakanwa asked the NECTA to clarify the matter about the performance of schools from Mtwara.

He said the information released by NECTA in a 21-page report did not indicate that Mtwara schools were leading in the list of ten worst performing schools.

He asked Mtwara people, education stakeholders to ignore the information, insisting that speculations on social media are not part of the NECTA exam results 2020.

Byakanwa said in the exam results for standard four, form two and four, Mtwara appeared in every category of schools that has better performance.

He said standard four results; Mtwara had Newala Municipality among the top ten best performing municipalities. In form two results, the RC said that the region in form two results Mtwara had Newala and Tandahimba among the best improving municipalities in the country.

"In the form two results, the municipalities that had better improvement in the performance, Newala and Tandahimba, were among the top ten best improving municipalities," he said.

Concerning the form four results, the RC said that Mtwara also had two municipalities among the top ten best performing municipalities. He mentioned the municipality as MtwaraMikindani, and mentioned Newala urban and Tandahimba as among the best improving municipalities in the country.

"May I take this opportunity to thank the teachers working hard to ensure better performance, and parents for the support they accorded the government to ensure better learning for our students," he said.

Byakanwa said he is committed to ensure that the region improves further the education performance in future, as he extended his forgiveness to all those who spoke ill about the region based on speculation.

He assured Mtwara residents and education stakeholders that his region is well set to ensure there is education improvement to keep Mtwara shining. He said some of the schools performed poorly in his region, but not the ten that are speculated in social media.

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