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Govt warns consultants of delaying investors

MINISTER of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment), Ms Ummy Mwalimu has warned dishonest consultants, who have been holding back the government efforts to attract investments in the country.

She was speaking to reporters shortly after visiting and inspecting BTY factory located at Buguruni in Dar es Salaam that processes hazardous waste from the battery production.

Ms Mwalimu was accompanied by Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr Geoffrey Mwambe and the Director General of National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Dr Samuel Gwamaka.

Minister Mwalimu said the investor had been hampered by a consultant, who failed to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before the project started, so production at the factory was suspended due to non-compliance with environmental regulations.

“I will revoke the licence of consultant experts, who do not observe procedures of their work including dishonesty as doing so, is holding back the government’s efforts in achieving industrial economy by 2025,” said Minister Mwalimu.

She also added that the government has continued to improve the investment and business environment in the country, with the aim of encouraging investment for locals and foreigners.

“It is important to ensure these efforts are not hindered to achieve the government’s goals. We need qualified consultants, who will help to promote the country and stimulate investment,” she said.

In another development, the Minister urged NEMC to meet with BTY factory management and provide them with guidelines that will enable them continue with production in line with environmental protection and conservation.

She also called upon all institutions directly involved in investment to stop the practice of policing and instead, work as consultants and accelerate investment in the country.

“I would like to take this opportunity to urge all investment institutions to do more diplomatic work instead of closing down factories, when they are found to be in violation of the country’s laws and regulations… as doing so will lead to tax revenue loss and unemployment,” said Ms Mwalimu.

For his part, the Minister of Industry, Mr Mwambe said the presence of many investment activities increases the scope of taxpayers, a situation that strengthens the country’s economy.

“Increase in the number of industries in the country will certainly increase the taxpayer’s scope, because these taxes help to finance various projects including infrastructure and improvement of various social services. We believe the challenges we have faced here will be addressed and all parties benefit, ‘’ said Mr Mwambe.

Also, the Director General of the National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Dr Samuel Gwamaka advised investors to seek professional and honest guides once faced with any challenge, adding that NEMC headquarters or regional offices are there for them.

“The Ministers have asked us within these two days to meet with the investor for the purpose of providing our professional opinion and we will do so with the existing team. However, it is important for the investors to be close to the Council, when they are looking for mentors, ‘’ said Dr Gwamaka.

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