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CRDB top mover on DSE

CRDB Bank is still the most active financial institution in Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) and its price is still appreciating.

The lender, one of the largest banks in the country, traded 455,993 shares out of 459, 233 total shares exchanged hands on Monday at DSE.

The bank price also appreciated by 7.70 per cent to 210/-, making it the highest gained share year to date. Tanzania Securities said in its Daily Market report that the CRDB was the most active and gain counter since the year began.

“CRDB is still the most active stock in the market and its price is still appreciating,” Tanzania Securities said on Monday.

The bourse was closed on Tuesday since it was a public holiday and resumed trading on Thursday. The second most appreciating share was DSE after gaining 2.27 per cent to 900/- from 880/- at the beginning of the year.

On other hand, Jatu, an agri-based startup, has dropped by 18.41 per cent in the last 12 days to Monday ending the slight over one month bull-run.

“After a tremendous appreciation, Jatu price is falling while the demand has slowed with high supply,” the report showed. Jatu traded 1,340 shares at a price of 2,660/- being the third most active counter on Monday.

Tanga Cement (Simba) also lost by 6.0 per cent since the beginning of the year to 470/- from 500/-. Simba didn’t trade any share on Monday.

Nico traded 1,810 shares at a price of 185/- and was the second most active counter at the beginning of the week while TaTePa was the least active counter based on the share trading after moving 10 shares at 120/- The bourse moved a volume of 459,233shares compared to 564,560 shares traded the last session.

Turnover decreased to 98.96m/- from 180.33m/- recorded in the previous session, whilst the average daily turnover year to date was 168.73m/-. Foreigners did not take part in Monday’s market.

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