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Cry for marksmanship when goal galore drifts away

CHANGES are anticipated in the second round of the Premier League contrary to the first round heralded by occasional goal galore that turned the race for the golden boot a jigsaw puzzle.

The Premier League enters its second round, it seems like it will be a league of a fewer goals according to what have been seen from those sprinting for the golden boot prize.

Goals have been hard to come by to the extent that even defenders have been taking a leading role to put the ball behind the net and in other instances, some defenders have netted more goals comparing to strikers.

However, until this stage where the league marathon has been temporarily paused, no one has netted more than ten goals something which clearly indicates that it may be the season which top goal scorers will have few goals on the scoring table.

Imagine if it transpires that at the end of the season, the top goal scorer award is presented to a defender and not a typical striker, yes, it can be funny but at the same time, helpful to the scorer because he can add something meaningful to his playing profile.

In this case, you may see that a team can have many scored goals which are made possible by coordinated effort from the players hence, strikers are therefore deprived their usual job of netting goals.

Indeed, scoring is an art as it requires one to be fully prepared mentally and physically before thinking of slicing the ball behind the net or else, many good players do miss glorious scoring chances just because they become eager to score without making proper judgement.

Even the renowned world classic players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and others do misuse glittering scoring chances during matches as such, if a player scores, regardless whether he is a defender or not, he surely deserves credit.

With the ongoing transformation system of playing, more clubs demand defenders to overlap and help strikers in orchestrating goals leading the former to also be registering their names on the score board.
A vivid example here is for Young Africans defender and Captain Lamine Moro who has so far scored four goals, the same as the club’s imported Ghanaian striker Michael Sarpong.

This gives a talking platform that in a game of football, anybody can score but when a defender scores more goals than a striker, some people begin to question the credibility of the latter putting in mind that his solo job in a team is to shake opponents’ net.

It is true that a good striker is judged by the number of goals he scores and this becomes his best-selling point when it comes to moving from one team to another. Here, the words ‘statistics never lies’ is where they are derived from.

But, sometimes, it happens that a player may be seen as a prolific scorer when serving for team A such that when he moves to team B, his goal sniffing skills are lowered and nowhere to be seen.

A good case study here can be the status of former Mbao FC striker Waziri Junior who now trades at Yanga whereby when he was at his former club, he was lethal at the goal mouth and he did well by scoring a lot of goals there.

At his current club, things have fallen apart as he seems not to have the same venom he had whilst parading at Mbao, a situation which has become hard to digest by many people out there. He is struggling to find his scoring boots in some of the games he is featured.

There are many players out there who upon moving from one club to another, their overall performance has dwindled contrary to what many people believed before they made such a move.

However, for now, Simba skipper John Bocco still tops the scoring chart with eight goals to his name against seven goals scored by his striking partner Meddie Kagere who excelled to defend the golden boot award in the past two successive seasons.

It is very possible that Kagere can still break his own record by retaining the top goal scorer honours for the third back to back season only if he will be getting regular playing time.

Again, for Bocco, he is one of the best strikers in the country but one thing which prevents him from hitting more goals is series of injuries he picks when the season unfolds as such, he misses a considerable number of games in a single campaign.

The main issue here is the number of goals netted by individual players up to this stage of the league which, without doubt, leaves behind many unanswered questions bearing in mind that not even 10 goals have been sourced so far.

Becoming a top goal scorer is an added advantage to the concerned player since it adds value to his career and it is high time that players should take this seriously by using well the scoring chances they get during games.

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