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DC detains EMJ Mining Manager over unpaid 8m/- levy to State

BARIADI District Commissioner (DC), Mr Festo Kiswaga has ordered for the detention of EMJ Mining Company Manager, Mr Juvenari Mrashani, for refusing to pay 8m/- government levies.

According to the DC, the amount comprises a levy for over 1,000 gold stone bags, as well as government royalty.

“I won’t leave you here…… detain this person until he responds to this government order. The company should pay all the District Council’s levies as required by the laws.

“No one is above the law….take him to remand until all debts are cleared,” ordered the DC accompanied by the Defence and Security Committee members, during his recent tour to the mining site.

According to Mr Kiswaga, defying official government directives has become the company’s routine, vowing to seriously fight such disrespectful behaviour.

“You ignored the Minister, the Regional Commissioner and my order, then, who are you going to respect...you need to be punished because there is no room for government’s revenue loss,” insisted the DC.

Similarly, Mr Kiswaga warned those who have been engaging in mineral smuggling, saying their days were numbered, adding that the tough security by the Defence and Security Committee will not spare any suspect.

“We recently apprehended one, fined him and confiscated his gold stones. No more penalties, instead, whoever caught will be directly taken to court, facing economic sabotage charges,” he said.

The DC also had a talk with small scale miners, who aired their views in terms of challenges they faced, including the way EMJ Mining Company has been discriminating them.

The miners, mostly women, said that labeling their gold stone bags was among important services the company has been refusing to offer.

“Our bags are here for about four days waiting labeling service, but no one cares. We cannot sell them without labelled tags. This is one and the only source of income for our families, we need your help,” one of the small scale miners, Ms Ashura Issa told the DC.

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Author: HAPPY MOLLEL, Simiyu

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